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PPP theme in 3100 leading stock index "small record" in line with the callback in the coveted rebound cycle, the main index of several years to test the water line, and once again break this week during the rally, while PPP is scheduled to become the vanguard, leading stock index around 3100 points to start concussion. However, behind the battle of the stock index battle line, the more attention is under the dual pressures of regulation and valuation, always under the pressure of the year line hovering small and medium". In the face of strong support for the market, analysts believe that, after having to "set up" and the value of blue chip growth, "singing" the pattern may be staged, it means the opportunity to dispute inoculation, "small record" index may be coveted in line. Stock index in line lose after having got it this week, A-share market ushered in A Lianyang pattern, imperceptibly between stock index back to 3100 points and a line, the line battle started again. Yesterday, A shares the characteristics of re emergence in the largest market is the concept of PPP, to run for a long time in the intraday stock index above 3100 points, but the afternoon diving makes 3100 points late diving again lose after having got it, is that the stock index rose shrank to 0.04%, to close at 3091.93 points. There are also recovered in line, but with the recent market shocks, stock index in line has been gradually go flat, MA250 yesterday reported 3096.702 points, and very similar index. In this regard, Shenwan Hong joint research institute director Qian Qimin pointed out that although the main board yesterday in line impact but very reluctantly. Due to the lack of endogenous upward momentum, relying on external factors to stimulate the case, although the main heart has unwilling but do more weak, the volume can not be significantly enlarged, unable to support a strong upward breakthrough. In the case of no incremental funding, the market will continue to shock tangled. In the index yesterday upward process, PPP once again become the focus of the market. The industry sector yesterday change in half, which gainers are associated with the PPP industry. SWS building decoration and building materials sector or lead, respectively, up 1.84% and 1.06%, leisure services, utilities and machinery and equipment industry rose more than 0.3%, ranking the forefront of the list. The concept of plate, PPP, sponge City, sewage treatment and water conservancy and hydropower sector rose more than 2%, decorative gardens, garbage power generation, beautiful China and other sectors rose more than 1%. In fact, since this week, the concept of PPP increase has reached 9.61%, the performance is much better than the other plate. Societe Generale Securities believes that the PPP market has not yet ended. Because 2016 is the year of landing PPP, PPP mode to help the performance of high growth, the effect of opening up a new space has been reported in the semi annual report. Many companies do not do PPP, so the market is not over, including the catalyst in late September in the sector: fiscal policy overweight, third batches of PPP projects (large quantity, better quality, the central enterprises) four quarter started the annual market etc.. Analysts pointed out that, due to the PPP industry chain is long enough, the market capacity is large enough, strong hot spots, the broker as a potential market break point, is expected to create a local boom and even support a new rebound. The blue chip between the wheels, show?相关的主题文章: