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From a 170 thousand kilometer Passat owners views – Sohu as a car 170 thousand kilometers Passat owners, I have quite a few words to say, talk about their true feelings for these years. To see this figure 170 thousand km, I believe it is more convincing! Moreover, the 07 is a very classic generation models, we want to help! (because of my own making plans is not enough, only to find some more details) appearance to tell the truth appearance design is not too backward, at least not look ugly. After all, a generation of classic modeling! But what are these chrome bars? But Chinese people like it, so this generation is represented as the official car. Of course, you don’t have to doubt my identity. Wheel hub is also a more traditional style, unlike those who are now designed avant-garde hub. Of course, the wheels of the standard has been grinding almost, but also lost a lot of paint. After all, nearly ten years, this picture was taken in August of this year, because the bundle was not found, and then caused by leakage. It’s really very durable! Finally look at the tail of the design, is still chrome… But I think the same side of the exhaust is still a couple of dollars! And the tail has 1.8T logo, it can be regarded as a symbol of identity! Round taillights with the front didn’t seem too aggressive, even a little cute. The interior sat in the car, the first feeling is mahogany, mahogany or mahogany! The whole piece of mahogany in the control of the steering wheel is mahogany, mahogany door is, even the gear lever is wood. But think that is quite popular, the atmosphere ~ now it seems to only be old-fashioned… The public is really a timeless interior layout, to this year, now there is no difference! A little but I want to Tucao is wood steering wheel, the summer that sat in the car, want to hold it hot to hold the experience you know? In the interior, now it seems all the more old-fashioned design, there is no special what can be said, is the highlight of the configuration! When it comes to configuration configuration surprise not only surprise, surprise is because when there is a multi-function steering wheel, seat memory, cruise control, heated seats and a lot of high-tech configuration. This is nine years ago, ah, ah, now a lot of cars are not good! And in the control of the big screen is very good identification, only the top of the automatic navigation edition! Until now, control the bottle is very good with this, but some keys are traditional ones, in my head a little dizzy! Not surprising is that the car price is as high as 236 thousand and 800, for the price of nine years ago, it is quite high! With such a configuration should also be cleaned up. That year there is no extension, this space is very good! Slot point so far is to boast of it a lot, but also Tucao Tucao it! First of all, there are many glitches, the engine sound is now big enough to scare people. And if the steering wheel to death, it will appear abnormal sound, a little back will not! It should be advanced in age. There is some time ago on the door!相关的主题文章: