Truth! Runway is a high-risk occupation –

Truth! T model is a high-risk occupation – Sohu recently fashion week, fire a few field. In addition to those beautiful clothes, modeling is also a large suction eye to see red Bella Hadid network (Bella Hadid?) is not a super imposing, sure of the way, while walking shoes to Michael Kors 2017 spring show, he thought I was really beautiful, everyone is watching me, I want to hold? So, what happened, that hold it, who I am, where I am, my life is you, well, never mind, is to stabilize, stabilize, smile, stand up again, tomorrow’s headlines or I. She is not just a matter of fact, there are many T models, please don’t just see them wearing the most beautiful clothes around the bright surface, they will experience more than you can imagine "high risk" behavior. Never sensible to sensible estimates for each model, finally will write a tearful designer blacklist. Makeup is difficult, wash your hair sometimes you really can not blame the model is always hanging a life can not love indifferent face, after all, whose face was painted into different flavors of Afanda, really…… Can’t love oh. And side painting, while thinking of the end of the spill onto the face of tons of sulfuric acid, not, remover water, it felt that the heart tired, in the end what is the head. Sorry, sorry, I’m afraid is coming to an end, so it is a wash half boss received overtime phone, rushed out of the peanut oil head head ghost experienced above those who don’t know what will go after makeup face paste what models are sometimes don’t know forever, the next second, president what’s the ghost on his head…… Is lovelorn drunk left to drink cans,. Maybe it’s the rest of the wool sweater for the ex boyfriend. May be the two racks downstairs supermarket, want to get drunk. Is probably not the most beautiful rainy day, but with you through the umbrella at night. Yet of course, history can not only be the beginning of the Bella Hadid in the T stage at Prada street, spring 2009 show will carry out a field with vigour and vitality of the wrestling competition. I fall, I fall, but I fall…… But these arch-criminal is more than 5cm 14cm heels, waterproof, narrow fish mouth Hentian high. I heard that the show’s model in an interview said they were very nervous, hands are shaking, and even people crying in the background, because it is too scared…… But even looking at models marysue fall, see the emperor fell, flying self fell, Thomas rotation fell, designers did not reflect on the meaning, like New York fashion week Marc Jacobs spring 2017 show, mop head girls on her feet to write the name of Sherry heels is very polite, the rest of the skates. The donkey相关的主题文章: