Welding spark fire workers in Chengdu which back from 119.-mine_清翼

Welding spark fire workers in Chengdu: which back hit 119. Today the scene around 4:40 in the afternoon, the smoke from the two section Hongxing Road next to a residential area outside the building scaffolding shot up more and more fire, scaffolding workers out of two bottles of fire extinguishers, have retreated. Fortunately, a wall outside the district security team found, carrying a large number of fire extinguishers rushed to the scene, over the wall to put out the fire. When the fire engine arrived, the fire had been put out. However, the construction personnel escape the blame on the scaffolding, "which is played back 119!" Obviously, they think things are worse and worse than fire. Seven bottles of fire extinguishers put out the fire wall construction site, building a residential property control room alarm, a security team carrying a fire extinguisher, the buckets rushed to the fire place, put out the fire in time. After the fire, the reporter came to the scene, saw the fire building facades covered with scaffolding, construction workers have stopped working, one outside of the wall, the Chengdu media group in the building of security with a fire extinguisher, transported to the wall, lying on the wall of fire, other security buckets into the garage and basement water to put out the fire, the construction personnel. "We’ll be there in a minute." Property order Department security Huang Bo said, after the discovery of smoke monitoring room to inform the security guards rushed to the scene to fight the fire, with 7 bottles of fire extinguishers, the fire eventually extinguished. Welding sparks fire incident caused by the security of the district is not informed when the welding sparks fall." Workers from the scaffolding down the face of dust, told reporters that the scaffolding piled up a lot of debris, he brought up a paper shell said, you see, this is easy to burn!" Subsequently, the reporter from the fire guard department learned that the residential front door people are not aware of the fire, a security briefing, the first floor is a wedding company to store sundries, if there is a fire, the consequences be unbearable to contemplate. Chengdu Business Daily reporter, client photographer Wang Huan small Huai Shu Liu Haiyun.相关的主题文章: