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Mexico prison cell for drug exposure occurs pleasure luxury in northern Mexico prison days together before the serious riots, killing 49 people, is the cause of organized crime between gang wars. But after the investigation found that the prison was a luxury prison, there is air conditioning, mini refrigerator, digital TV, small fish, sauna room, for the former drug traffickers in prison of pleasure. At present, the warden of the prison supervision and the responsible person suspected of drug smuggling and dereliction of duty, has been arrested. [] this pleasure a prison Tuoboqike prison in northern Mexico Nuevo Leon, the capital of Monterey city. On the morning of 11 prison riots, a total of 3800 detainees, including overcrowding 35%, former drug lords. Ivan Hernandez Cantu Mexico calcetas syndicate leader, alias "Kerry", Juan Farias and another leader of this organization, alias "Z-27" are held here. According to Mexico’s official statement, two people dispute over the "control" of the prison, triggering a bloody conflict between the two groups of prisoners. Nuevo Leon state prosecutors office said 14 days, the riot investigation officials found that Tuoboqike prison was a number of "luxury prison, equipped with air conditioning, mini refrigerator, digital TV, aquarium and small sauna room and other facilities. In addition, there is a large bed, Ivan Cantu cell, a large flat screen TV, and a bathroom decoration luxury. Nuevo Leon, chief prosecutor Roberto Flores said the riots, Ivan Cantu and even a woman. In addition, prisoners can lay a stall, operate a convenience store, or even open a bar in prison. Some of the families of prisoners revealed that Tuoboqike prison catered meals are of poor quality, the prisoners had to pay high prices to buy food and water. Nuevo Leon government says 14 days, police have complete control of the Tuoboqike prison, prison inmates and officials of collusion has come to an end. At present, the Mexico authorities have transferred 233 prisoners to other prisons, including two drug traffickers who caused riots. (Ma Xiao) (Xinhua ZTS) editor: Su bud SN226

墨西哥监狱豪华囚室曝光 专供毒枭享乐   墨西哥北部一座监狱数日前发生一起严重骚乱,致死49人,起因是犯罪组织间的帮派争斗。但事后调查发现,这座监狱竟然设有“豪华囚室”,内有空调、迷你冰箱、数字电视、鱼缸、小型桑拿房,专供昔日毒枭在狱中享乐。   目前,这座监狱的典狱长和监督负责人因涉嫌走私毒品和玩忽职守,已经遭到当局逮捕。   [狱中享乐]   这座名为托波奇科的监狱位于墨北部新莱昂州首府蒙特雷市。11日凌晨骚乱发生时,监狱共有3800名在押人员,超员35%,其中不乏昔日大毒枭。   墨西哥塞塔贩毒集团头目、化名“克雷多”的伊万・埃尔南德斯・坎图,以及这一组织另一头目、化名“Z-27”的胡安・法里亚斯都关押在此。按照墨西哥官方的说法,两人为争夺监狱“控制权”发生争议,进而引发两派囚犯团伙的血腥冲突。   新莱昂州检察机关办公室14日说,调查这场骚乱的官员发现,托波奇科监狱内竟然设有多间“豪华囚室”,装有空调、迷你冰箱、数字电视、鱼缸和小型洗桑房等设施。此外,伊万・坎图的牢房里有一张特大号的睡床,一台大屏幕平板电视,以及一间装潢奢华的浴室。   新莱昂州首席检察官罗伯托・弗洛雷斯说,骚乱发生时,伊万・坎图身边甚至还有一名女子相伴。   此外,囚犯在监狱中还能摆地摊,经营便利店,甚至开了一间酒吧。   而一些囚犯的家属透露,托波奇科监狱提供的饭食质量很差,囚犯不得不自己掏钱花高价购买水和食物。   新莱昂州政府14日说,警方目前已经完全控制了托波奇科监狱,狱内囚犯与失职官员内外勾结的情况已经结束。   目前,墨西哥当局已经把233名囚犯转移到其他监狱,其中包括两名引发骚乱的毒枭。(马骁)(新华社特稿) 责任编辑:苏未然 SN226相关的主题文章: