A map to see our investment ecosystem-若槻ゆうか

A map of our investment and entrepreneurship ecosystem: the author of the research room: music industry, processing industry and banking finance, the rest of the basic investment opportunities in the game industry, but also the main theme of China’s entrepreneurial circle. As a bottom – up entrepreneur (not very young), our vision is not necessarily open enough, and most of the time it’s just instinctive olfactory behavior. Our genius is growing up in this era, knowing the need of this age, but not knowing why it needs, and the relationship between the need for new life and the mature world. Maybe that’s why we’re so successful. The first two days, suddenly curious, the world’s top 500 are what kind of company, what are they doing? So I searched the circle, and produced the following Entrepreneurship Ecological map. If you’ve ever read the Shanghai business manual we wrote before, you’ll be happy to find that we really love and excel at drawing maps… (not long compensation ~ give good sensational asset heavy industry and agriculture, industry and banking, the other is the basic investment opportunities in the game industry, is also the main melody of Chinese business circles. The black background in the picture is the industry in which the top 500 enterprises are located. I don’t know how you look at this picture. Have you met your sensitive point? Do you have different opinions? Is it really appropriate to release it in the entrepreneurial circle? Do you agree? Just a little more. Looking forward to seeing feedback from different angles! Looking forward to your presence!

一张图看我们的投资创业生态圈   作者:不白不败研究室 乐鸣   导读 : 抛却重资产的工农业、加工业和银行金融,其余基本是投资游戏中的机会产业,也是中国创业圈的主旋律。   作为(其实也不算很年轻)底层创业者,我们的视界未必足够开阔,绝大多数时候只是凭借本能嗅觉行为。 我们的天赋是生长在这个时代,天然知道这个时代的需要,然而却并不清楚为什么需要,以及新生需要和成熟世界的关系。也许这就是制约我们成功的理由。   前两天突然好奇了一下,世界500强都是些什么类型的公司,都是做什么的?于是搜了一圈,顺便制作了以下这张创业(投资?)生态图。如果你曾经读过我们之前写的上海创业手册一文,你就会欣然的发现,我们的确喜爱并且擅长画地图。。。(不擅长煽情长文的补偿~   抛却重资产的工农业、加工业和银行金融,其余基本是投资游戏中的机会产业,也是中国创业圈的主旋律。图中黑色背景的是500强企业所处行业。   也不知道大家怎么看待这张图,有没有碰到你的敏感点?有没有不同见解?   这图真的合适在创业圈中放出么?   你同意么?请多一点指点。期待看到不同角度的反馈!期待你的出现!相关的主题文章: