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The Spring Festival beauty good manners at new year to achieve a beautiful wish Sohu BNT News – the Spring Festival approaching, people will have friends and family to pray, to prepare a full gift at the same time. If you’re still upset about what gifts for your female friends or lovers, pay attention to the following three beauty products, which can fully help women’s beautiful wishes, and become more brilliant in 2016. SECRET WHITENING SECRET WHITENING is a whitening cream, which contains excellent whitening ingredients to prevent pigmentation. Safflower extract. It is the most obvious feature of the instant whitening effect. Not only that, it also contains high effective protection of the skin of the moss extract and aloe vera leaves, gold extract, etc., not only can give the skin healthy vitality, but also can help greatly improve wrinkles and other aging phenomenon. In addition, the Water drop method is used to transform the water droplets of aloe into the water of the skin. Estee Lauder ESTEE Double Wear Moisture Powder Stay-in-Place Makeup SPF LAUDER 14 PA++) this product can perfectly fit the skin, showing a soft, silky surface, and has a long-term and lasting Concealer effect. The addition of special skin care ingredients containing rosemary and almond extracts, help the skin to maintain the natural moisture, refreshing, delicate makeup deduce. Lepeni (La Prairie) CELLULAR SWISS ICE CRYSTAL EMULSION the famous beauty Lepeni brand has always been committed to deepening research and excellent high-tech exploration to help many women to pursue noble beauty. CELLULAR SWISS ICE CRYSTAL EMULSION contains an innovative ingredient found at the top of the Swiss Alps, and is an outstanding skin care product. The product is light in texture, fast in absorption and suitable for use in summer. It can form a moisture film on the surface of the skin, lock moisture, and keep the skin hydrated throughout the day. In addition, it can relieve the fatigue and pressure of the skin, and help to solve the skin problems such as dull, dry, small wrinkles and so on. Huang Shuoyuan, Xu Jiewen, JNU, GLOBAL, BNT news, DB BNT news submission mailbox news@bntnews

春节美妆好礼相送 新年实现美丽心愿-搜狐      bnt新闻讯 春节将至,人们都会纷纷为挚友和家人祈福,同时准备一份满载心意的礼物。   如果你还在苦恼为身边的女性朋友或是恋人准备什么礼物的话,不妨来关注下面的三款美妆产品,它能充分帮助实现女性的美丽心愿,在2016年愈加光彩照人。   SECRET WHITENING      SECRET WHITENING是一款美白面霜,蕴含可卓效防止色素沉着的美白专利成分红花苗萃取物。涂抹瞬间即现显著焕白效果,这是它最大的特征。   不仅如此,它还含有高效保护皮肤的甘苔萃取物以及芦荟叶、黄金提取物等,不但可赋予肌肤健康活力,更能大大帮助改善皱纹等老化现象。另外,采用涂抹之后转化成芦荟成分水滴的Water drop方式,供给肌肤水分。   雅诗兰黛持久润泽粉饼(ESTEE LAUDER Double Wear Moisture Powder Stay-in-Place Makeup SPF 14 PA++)      这款产品可完美贴合肌肤,呈现轻柔、丝滑表面,并且具有长效持久的遮瑕效果。其中添加了包含迷迭香和杏萃取物的特殊肌肤护理成分,帮助肌肤维持自然莹润状态,演绎出清爽、娇嫩的妆容。   莱珀妮(La Prairie)CELLULAR SWISS ICE CRYSTAL EMULSION      著名美肤品牌莱珀妮始终致力于通过不断深入研究和卓越的高科技探索来帮助众多女性追寻高贵美丽。CELLULAR SWISS ICE CRYSTAL EMULSION含有在瑞士阿尔卑斯之巅发现的创新成分,是一款卓越的护肤产品。   该产品质地轻薄,吸收快速,适于夏季使用,可在皮肤表面形成一层水分膜,锁住水分,令肌肤整日保持水润状态。此外,它还能缓解肌肤疲劳和压力,帮助解决暗沉、干燥、细小皱纹等肌肤苦恼。黄硕元 许杰 文 JNU GLOBAL,bnt新闻DB   bnt新闻 投稿邮箱 news@bntnews相关的主题文章: