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MIIT: 13th Five-Year steel production capacity utilization rate to more than 75% in new Beijing on 18 February, (reporter Liu Yuying) China Feng Fei, Vice Minister of industry and information technology 18, said in an interview, "13th Five-Year" period, Chinese resolve the excess steel production capacity is reduced by 100 million to 1.5 tons of pressure of crude steel production capacity, so that the capacity utilization rate is restored to a relatively reasonable level of more than 75%. Feng Fei said, "12th Five-Year" period, China mainly in iron and steel, building materials, non-ferrous metals, light industry, textile and food in 6 major areas of 19 industries to eliminate backward production capacity, and ahead of a year to complete the "12th Five-Year" objectives and tasks, achieved remarkable results. But overcapacity in iron and steel, cement, coal and other industries remains serious. According to statistics, in 2015, the total profit of iron and steel enterprises of China Iron and steel industry association was 64 billion 534 million yuan, and the loss was 50.5%. Statistics show that since 2006, China’s crude steel capacity utilization has shown a downward trend, especially since 2012, crude steel production capacity utilization continues under a reasonable level. Capacity utilization of crude steel in China was less than 67% in 2015. To resolve the overcapacity, Feng Fei think, mainly through nine ways, including the strengthening of environmental law enforcement, strict implementation of energy standards, strict quality standards, strengthen supervision and enforcement of safety standards, technical standards, the implementation of enterprise merger and reorganization, the initiative Yajian capacity, production capacity, the relocation of international cooperation. "To resolve excess production capacity difficulties, there are two points need high attention, one is staff resettlement, two is asset disposal." Feng Fei expresses. Li Xinchuang, President of the metallurgical industry planning and Research Institute, believes that about 500 thousand of the workers need to be properly resettled in order to dissolve the 100 million to 1.5 tons of steel production capacity. In terms of asset disposal, Feng Fei expressed the hope that through the market means to properly dispose of corporate debt and bad assets of banks. (end) go into Sina Finance and economics stock

工信部:十三五钢铁产能利用率恢复到75%以上   中新社北京2月18日电 (记者 刘育英)中国工业和信息化部副部长冯飞18日接受媒体采访时说,“十三五”期间,中国化解过剩钢铁产能的目标是压减1亿至1.5亿吨粗钢产能,使产能利用率恢复到75%以上的相对合理水平。   冯飞表示,“十二五”期间,中国主要在钢铁、建材、有色金属、轻工、纺织和食品共6大领域的19个行业淘汰落后产能,并提前一年完成“十二五”目标任务,取得明显成效。   但钢铁、水泥、煤炭等行业的产能过剩问题仍然十分严重。据统计,2015年中国钢铁工业协会会员钢铁企业利润总额为亏损645.34亿元人民币,亏损面达50.5%。   统计显示,2006年以来中国粗钢产能利用率明显呈下降趋势,尤其是从2012年开始,粗钢产能利用率持续在合理水平线以下。2015年中国粗钢产能利用率不足67%。   要化解过剩产能,冯飞认为,主要通过九种方式,包括加强环保执法、严格实施能耗标准、严格质量标准、加强安全标准实施和监管、实施技术标准、企业主动压减产能、兼并重组、转产搬迁、国际产能合作等。   “化解过剩产能的困难有两点需要高度关注,一是职工安置,二是资产处置。”冯飞表示。   冶金工业规划研究院院长李新创认为,要化解1亿至1.5亿吨钢铁产能,约有50万职工需要妥善安置。   在资产处置方面,冯飞表示,希望通过市场化手段妥善处置企业的债务和银行不良资产。(完) 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: