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On Jin Sheng Li: no Fanchou weak fall days a gold Sina Air Fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click on [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! This is a shock, to the interpretation of the biggest recent gold triangle, concussion sustained, in the United States overnight wheel suddenly broke the silence of the slump, rapid price by 133536 of the defense support, finally hit a low of 1323, has been in the bottom sideways state. This time, the price of gold continued to adjust, cannot do without a voice again in September is expected to raise interest rates, it will give a strong gold price to bring calm period stage, the number of American employment is relatively stable, the unemployment rate is not bad under the background, people think that the interest rate will become the best solution, and the gold bull the profits, has brought some pressure to the short-term price of gold. Before, has been hovering around 1375, 1367 below the trend line, has reached the end near the triangle, however, yesterday fell a lot of people should be more accidents, instantly shot down around 12 dollars, the highest price rebound is 1340, while the rebound in this position and Tuesday is the same, are based on the 5 day the average pressure drop point position. Sometimes, many people are in shock and profitable, when unilateral appear, don’t give up and don’t believe the most afraid of evil, is sustained concussion Powei Powei remained at 1330 above, several times to bounce back up, broken down for whatever reason, must be timely exit or transfer positions and this is why Li Sheng said: fear, fear of shock unilateral novice veteran. The word "novice" has nothing to do with the time you enter the industry, but the early and late awakening. Overnight, after all the way down, there is a continuation of the 1334 midway rebound near the falls, and has been in a slow decline downward trend, and there have been a big rebound, the downward continuation of the Yindie great probability, rebound pressure on the point of the last bounce as pressure points, as long as you don’t this position can be broken to empty gold disc, always positions to the matching period in Europe, that recently I have been in the vicinity of the 14-15 point mentioned, see will continue to fall, did not continue to adjust. Asia Bo continued decline. Crude oil, continue to rebound after bearish, the ideal is that EIA data is bad oil prices, although the rebound only to 47.7 not expected to 47.8, but after the data came out at 47.20 or 10 empty single positions, the average fell mean prices also continue to explore the space, weekly support within the limit of 45.50 the scope, support 5, 10 weekly usher in a small level of the rebound, the daily is just the opposite, 5, 10 on average all hook head down, the pressure in the range of 47-47.20, with 47.60 as a defense to Cipodi market. Thursday: 1: gold rally 133132 empty, stop on the 1337 position, see below 1323-1320, Powei holds. 2: Silver theory

李生论金:弱势下跌无反抽 日内黄金有一空 新浪基金曝光台:信披滞后虚假宣传,业绩长期低于同类产品,买基金被坑怎么办?点击【我要投诉】,新浪帮你曝光他们!   震荡,这是对近期黄金最大的一个诠释,持续的三角形震荡,在隔夜美盘突然的的暴跌打破了这份宁静,金价快速的通过1335 36的支撑防守,最终创下了1323的低点,一直处于底部横盘状态。   这一次,金价持续不断的调整,离不开关于9月再次加息预期的声音,这一直会给强势的金价带来阶段性的冷静期,美国就业人数相对比较稳定,失业率不差的背景之下,人们都认为加息会成为最好的解决方法,加之黄金多头的获利了结,给短期的金价带来了一定压力。   之前,一直在以1375、1367为趋势线的下方徘徊,一直走到了临近三角形末端,不过,昨天的下跌很多人应该是比较意外,瞬间打下来12美金左右,价格反弹最高就是1340,而这个位置和周二的反弹是一样,均是以5日均线为压力位置的回落点。   有时候,在震荡当中不少人来回都有利可图,当单边出现的时候,最怕不认输和不信邪,破位就是破位,持续的震荡一直守在了1330的上方,几次反弹都不起来,向下破位无论出于何种原因,一定要及时的离场或者调仓,这就是为何李生说:新手怕单边、老手怕震荡。新手这个词与你进入这个行业的时间无关,而是觉悟的早与晚。   隔夜,一路下行之后,中途有了个反弹1334附近的延续下跌,而一直处于慢跌向下的走势,并没有出现过大的一个反弹,这种阴跌向下次日延续的概率很大,反弹的压力一般以最后一次反弹的高点作为压力点,只要不破这个位置可以亚盘去空黄金,一直持仓到欧盘时段,也就是最近我一直在提及的14-15点附近,看会不会延续下跌,没有延续再作调整。亚盘博延续性下跌。   原油,反弹之后继续看空,比较理想的是EIA数据也是利空油价,虽然反弹仅到了47.7没有到预期的47.8,但数据出来之后在47.20还是建仓了空单,10日均线的失守意味着油价还有继续下探的空间,周线方面的支撑极限在45.50的范围之内,5、10周线的支撑点迎来一个小级别的反弹,日线却刚好相反,5、10日均线全部勾头向下,压力范围在47-47.20,以47.60作为防守即可,还有一次破底的行情。   周四安排:   1:黄金反弹1331 32空,止损放在1337的位置即可,下方看到1323-1320,破位则持有。   2:白银继续做空思路不变,今天反弹18.6-18.63凌晨高点的位置空,止损在18.8上方,目标18.30-18.28区域。   3:原油反弹首次见到47-47.20的范围内空,止损放在47.60,目标则看到46-45.80就行。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: