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UnCategorized Up and down like a yo-you, the housing market has died and erupted within a very short period of time. All time high prices fell to unimaginable decline in both new and older home markets. Trying to recover from the proverbial whiplash that the industry gave everyone, there’s a new game that everybody wants to play. There’s a new market thriving for short sale realtors and it’s blazing a trail. By definition, a short sale is a purchase made when the mortgage holder of a seller’s property accepts a bid from another party. The other party’s bid is for an amount less than what is owed to fully pay off the mortgage. This makes the closing process more complex, but not out of the question. Unfortunately, only about 2/3 of the short sales actually close. It’s a frustrating numbers game but if you play your cards right, you can win. This short sale trend has created problems for many first time home buyers and others without high credit ratings. It’s been difficult to get a home loan for years and with banks going under and big buy outs, home loans don’t come easy. Lending institutions are starting to play hard ball, putting strict demands on short sale buyers. Often a short sale realtor finds that their pre-qualified client runs into a stipulation from the mortgage holder that brings things to a halt. The mortgage holder may suddenly add a stipulation that the buyer must procure the loan through them. It’s an unfair practice that is becoming common place. Holding up the closing process, many buyers become frustrated and lose interest. It gives the impression that the lending company has no desire to do anything but get more money for the purchase. Other potential buyers are getting cut throat and issuing 5-10 bids on different properties at a time, hoping that one offer will come through quickly. This tends to put short sale realtors in a real bind and the practice is heavily frowned upon. Another obstacle that seems to plague the market is sellers with multiple mortgages from multiple lenders. Short sale realtors know that it’s hard enough to get a deal to go through when dealing with just one lender. When you add more to the mix, you’re bound to wind up with a headache. It’s best to go into a multiple lender issue with the expectation that things are going to take some time. Be open to negotiation over contingencies and make your potential buyer aware of every step as it happens. A short sale realtor must stick to all timelines. It’s very important to make sure that all paperwork is completed within the time allotted. Distressed sales are very complicated and must be handled with kid gloves. Short sales offer buyers an incredible opportunity to get a great deal on a foreclosing property. If everyone is satisfied and all terms have been met, the deal should go through. Short sales can be painful learning processes. Make sure your realtor is up to speed on all of the latest guidelines. Be patient and things will happen. If you go into the short sale process with a realtor who is knowledgeable and trustworthy, this will be the most incredible deal of your life! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: