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Software Many Magento developers are encouraging merchants from all around the world to adopt Magento develop their e.merce platforms. The easy to use interface and top notch design and hosting are the key factors which make many Magento programmers to re.mend Magento and merchants to opt for it. Newsletter Extension An e.merce and the merchants running it definitely need a list of the customers and their contact details so that they can send frequent details about deals and other news from the site. This is a very efficient way to be in constant touch with the customers who have visited the site and this process enables the merchants to turn one-time customers to be.e regular customers by constantly reminding them about the store. With a newsletter the merchants can e-mail their customers their new sales, products, new offers, and announcements and keep the users on the loop with the current happenings of the site. The newsletter extension adds just a checkbox for to the checkout process which enables the customer to opt for a newsletter from the store. With simple actions and a few mouse clicks the Magento developers can enable to merchants to build a database of potential repeat customers. Adding a Blog to the Store Many merchants and even Magento programmers overlook the benefits a Blog brings to a web store. A duly updated blog attached with a site by a Magento developer, gives the website a very personable feel and it shows that the website is regularly updated. This is a very important aspect to any website which makes the website look functional to the users. Nowadays Magento developers add Blogs to the web stores they are developing as a part of marketing the web store. The Magento programmers link the blog in such a way that the blog can be updated with the new products and updates of the website. This blog can be used as a board for announcing the new updates of the site and its enhancements. Blogs can also be utilized to attract .anic traffic. By enhancing the ranking of the web store relevant links can be boosted in a Search Engine which optimizes the chances of attracting traffic to the web store. Blogs also help in obtaining instant feedback from customers. Teaser box This featured extension can be used by Magento developers and merchants to feature their new products in such a way that the new customers or visitors of the web store or just a web page will not miss this new promotion. The features included in this extension are image gallery, sliding image feature, and easy template integration. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: