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Business International Organization for Standardization created ISO 9000 standards to ensure the quality. The ISO 9001 model belongs to the series 9000 and it gives the model for determining, implementing and evaluating Quality Assurance in the products design, Evolution, Production, delivery, Customer Service. By quality, it refers to all the services or features of the product that is required by the customer. Quality management can only be determined by the methods to ensure that the services or features of products satisfies the customers and abides by the regulations applicable for those services or products. Why ISO 9001 Certification is applied? Today, many of the organizations prefer to have the ISO 9001 Certification in order to stipulate for a tender. Some of the other benefits are as below: 1.The internal working improves which leads to no re-work or errors 2.Customers requirements fulfillment and loyalty 3.Motivation and improved morale 4..petitive advantage 5.Preferential insurance premiums 6.Enhanced status 7.Increased profitability The design of the ISO 9001 is .patible with the other standards like ISO 14001, ISO 27001 and OHSAS 18001. Any of the above .binations of standards can be seamlessly integrated. There are many principles that they share, so you get be marvelous value for money by choosing an integrated management system. The need for a standard was felt when the products delivered for the defense purpose required being of good standard. Like, in order to supply the products to the Ministry of Defense, an .anization would write up the whole procedure involved in making the product, then the procedure inspected by Ministry of Defense, ensuring that the workers abides by the mentioned procedures. Later on in 1966 the idea of quality assurance extended beyond the defense, the UK government took out the first campaign for the reliability and the quality with the slogan Quality is everyones business. It was in 1971 that the British Standards Institute released the BS 9000, the first UK standard for Quality Assurance. Following in 1974, they released BS 5179 which were the guidelines for Quality Assurance. With the publishing of these standards, the burden of inspection was moved from the user to the supplier. Customer could be assured of the quality by inspection lead by some third party that doesnt hold any of its own benefit from either of the two parties. After several revisions, ISO 9001 certification was set. Assessment of the ISO 9001 After all the requirements have been met, an external audit is conducted by the third party. Considering UK, the external body should have accreditation of UKAS. A particular certification body will inspect the procedures and the quality manuals. Once the audit is successful, a certificate will be issued as the registration to ISO 9001. A surveillance visit can be conducted in order to check the proper functioning and ensuring that system is working continuously. Registration and certification Once youre done with the audit assessment, your registration is formally confirmed and your certificate will be issued. The conformity to the ISO 9001 standard certificate will be issued and send to your doorsteps. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: