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Health Rockledge Chiropractic, Dr. Marco La Starza Is Helping People With Neck Pain And Headaches Rockledge Chiropractor using the latest in low force chiropractic technology and techniques to provide patients with fast relief from headaches and neck pain Chiropractor Rockledge in Rockledge is pleased to announce that Rockledge Chiropractor, Dr. Marco La Starza is helping many patients find fast relief for headache pain. Dr. La Starza is utilizing an assortment of different chiropractic procedures using hand held devices that help to bring the spine back into proper alignment and provide relief from pain. One new device used is the Arthrostim instrument. This state of the art tool is helping many people live a better quality of life. This device delivers a light, controlled, safe adjustment correction to the area of spinal interference. This controlled percussive force to the misaligned vertebra helps to correct the area’s in the spine known as vertebral subluxations. This procedure is consistent, measurable, gentle, and it has been proven safe and effective for individuals of all ages. A commonly used procedure for relieving headache pain by chiropractors is manual manipulation, however, with this unique hand held device a chiropractic adjustment is now able to be delivered without the twisting, cracking, or popping. Sometimes, headaches can be traced back to the neck also known as the cervical spine. Sometimes a spinal vertebral subluxation can lead to muscle spasms that cause pain to radiate to the head. Other times, a pinched nerve may be to blame. Either way gentle chiropractic adjustments also know as manual manipulations by a trained chiropractor, like Dr. La Starza, is often enough to release the pressure and help clients become pain free. # # # For more information about how Rockledge Chiropractor, Dr. Marco La Starza, is helping clients find relief form headache pain. Please visit our website at ..chiropractorrockledge.. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: