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Outsourcing A vocational training program trains a person for a vocation. There are certain vocational training programs that require the interested youth to possess a certain formal education you must have .e across training programs that require the interested participants to be at least graduate or 10th passed or 8th passed? However, most of the vocational training programs do not emphasis on formal education. What is unique about vocational or technical education is they prepare the participants for the job market. Unlike our formal education system, vocational education is designed to up skill the youth for the job market particularly for the high growth sectors of the economy. For instance, NSDC funds and facilitates vocational education initiatives across the country and encourages youth to be employable in its recognized 21 sectors including retail, automobile, agriculture, and healthcare. In a short span of time, vocational education and training has got a lot of attention amid the youth and there are reasons for that. The sheer benefits that vocational training or skill development programs tend to offer makes it an enchanting option for the youth. Herein this article, well walk you across top 5 immediate benefits of vocational education and training. 1. The self-worth, the confidence level goes up you probably will learn this skill for the first time in your life. Youll sit and learn with others. Youll take the test. And youll get the certification by the end of the course. This whole journey is likely to help you see yourself in a whole new light and up your confidence level. 2. You learn something valuable the program is designed by industry experts. And thats why you learn the trade in a very systematic manner. By the time youll finish the program, youll likely be hired by a corporate with a good pay. 3. You feel positive about future Our Prime Minister has said many times that the future of India (and world) is in vocational / technical. In the .ing years, our country is going to need millions of skilled youth. If youre skilled, youre likely to feel a lot positive about your future. 4. Your people tend to look at you in a different light when you earn and contribute to your family in.e, your own people your family, friends, relatives, and neighbours begin to see you from a different perspective. You too feel good about yourself. 5. After finishing the program successfully, you, in most cases, get a job immediately the leading employers across the country are worried about the shortage of skilled manpower. When you pursue a course in vocational training , your employability quotient goes up and you, in most cases, are likely to be absorbed by a business of your choice. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: