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Diwali History Celebration of Diwali festival dates back to the time of Ramayan the epic story of Ram. According to this epic, Ram was decreed by his father to leave the boundaries of Ayodhya, and live in the exile for 14 long years. He was ac.panied by his wife, Sita and younger brother Laxamn. During his exile in jungle, demon king Ravan kidnapped Sita and Ram with the help of Laxman and monkey God Sugriv attacked Ravan. At the end of the war, Ravan was killed by Ram; the victorious prince came to Ayodhya with his wife, Laxman and his friends. People of Ayodhya offered a very humungous wel.e to the new king, and lit lamps and fired crackers. The killing of Ravan was .memorated on Dussehra or Vijyadashmi and 20 days after Dussehra, Indians celebrate festival Diwali or Deepavli (Array of Lamps). This Diwali history is very famous in India and in the world also. Today, Diwali festival is celebrated in nations like in India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Mauritius, Guyana, Trinidad & Tobago, Suriname, Malaysia, Singapore and Fiji. When is Diwali This year Diwali 2011 is on October 26. People start making preparations to wel.e Diwali 2011 much in advance. They clean and paint their houses; decorate them with adornments and embellishments, shop clothes, sweets and crackers from the market. During the five days of Diwali, people visit temples and pay visits to their friends & families. They give warm wel.e to their guests by offering sweets, snacks and gifts. Those who live abroad, send Diwali gifts to India for the family and friends. Sometimes, they don’t know when is Diwali and therefore, they bring with them Hindu calendar when they fly abroad. Diwali Festival The five day long Diwali festival is celebrated by all children, youth, women and men. Kids love the long Diwali vacation and relish the sweets & snacks prepared by their moms. For youth, Diwali is the time to hang out with their friends & love interests; they enjoy the vacation at some hill station or at any romantic place; moreover, they love to flaunt themselves in new apparels they shop during Diwali festival. Women perform Diwali pooja and other rituals at home and prepare sweets & snacks for the family and guests. And for businessmen, Diwali is the time to say bye-bye to one year and wel.e the new one. They worship goddess of wealth Laxmi and start their new year. All in all, Diwali Festival is the National festival in India and every year, people eagerly wait for this festival. The festival has gained momentum every year as people celebrate this festival in the most innovative manner each year. We wish you a very Happy Diwali and prosperous New Year. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: