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UnCategorized An important factor on turning a normal everyday website, into a cash-cow is website design and professional quality graphics. Unlike paragraph after paragraph of text that can be.e boring to the reader, quality graphics are aesthetically pleasing to the eye and help maintain visitors to your website. Experts claim that a customer to your website will stay, for just 7 seconds, before deciding to leave, if they are not attracted in some way and good quality website design and graphics go a long way in making sure your visitor does not leave you. I needed a way of creating these graphics for myself, as the benefits were astonishing, and researched on the subject. I purchased different programs like Laughingbird Graphics Software, but found that it did not create high definition images, and they tended to blur out, causing an unprofessional look and feel to my site. The old saying is true, focus on your strengths and graphic and web design is not one of mine, so I contacted every graphics .pany on the internet that I could, and outsourced 2 of the finest designers to do the work for me. These designers re.mended Adobe Photoshop, and as it was getting rave reviews, I downloaded a 30 day free trial, After downloading Photoshop and having sampled it, could see why it was professionally used by minority of top designers. There were many features that I couldn’t figure, so I used the tutorials and they revealed a fantastic piece of software. I decided to purchase a multiuser licence straight away for my graphics guys to use. But what about if you cannot outsource designers or design your own graphics at the moment? Well, I re.mend Pixel2Life.. and Good-Tutorials… These are two fantastic websites that show you step by step how to develop your Photoshop skills. They are packed full of different tutorials to help even the .plete Photoshop newbie be.e somewhat proficient in harnessing the sheer power of Adobe Photoshop. These sites also have forums which I found beneficial, and they are even helping me learn how to create my own graphics now too. Now, I have added my own graphic design business to the market and we are taking multiple orders daily. It really shows what is possible if you put your mind to it! Even if you have no skills with professional graphic software, you can teach yourself in a very short space of time and be.e a success like I have using the re.mendations above. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: