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Business If you play the lottery on a regular basis and have been searching for a system that will enable you to improve your odds of winning one of those big cash prizes, chances are that you have heard of the Larry Blair lotto black book system. Of course, theres also a good chance that you may have simply dismissed it as another lotto black book scam like so many that have come before. Whether or not Larry Blair is sincere in his desire to pass on the Lotto Black Book Secrets he claims have helped him win millions, the fact is that there is a lotto black book scam market out there that attempts to take advantage of the desperation felt by many people who regularly play the lottery. What a scam looks like To decide whether Larry Blair is pushing another Lotto Black Book Scam , it is important to understand what one of these scams generally look like. When you hear of someone who has allegedly learned the secret to winning lotteries and other games of chance, in most cases you have to ask yourself why they are sharing this information. A lotto black book scam falls into this category simply because one has to wonder why the author would want to reduce his potential winnings by sharing his secrets with you. Larry Blair does make an attempt to explain his reasons. Why share the books secrets According to Larry Blair, he shares this information for two principle reasons. The first is that he promised God that he would, after the deity saved him from kidnappers who sought his secret formula. The second reason is that he believes that having other people aware of the secret minimizes the likelihood that he will be attacked again. To hear Larry Blair describe the situation is to hear an eminently reasoned, albeit emotional, argument that stems from an allegedly life-altering experience. Whether you believe his system to be real or merely a Lotto Black Book Scam will depend upon whether you believe his central story about abduction and salvation. The system itself Another key element to determining whether Larry Blair is simply offering another lotto black book scam has to do with the system itself. Like many other Lottery Systems designed to enable the user to beat the odds involved in any game of chance, the Larry Blair system begins with the basic premise that a lottery is, on some level, something that can be anticipated that there are patterns in the way that the numbers appear. Though Larry Blair never really comes out and says that he believes that to be the case, he does give some people reason to believe that he is peddling a lotto black book scam due to his insistence that regular tracking and analysis of past lotto number winners can yield important clues about which numbers will be winners in the future. The success of the formula he advocates for accomplishing this prognostication is really the central point of debate, and ultimately determines if this is just another lotto black book scam. So, is the Larry Blair system another lotto black book scam? That is something you will have to judge for yourself, since there are those who argue both for and against his book and the system. For many people, however, the notion that the lottery can be predicted mathematically will continue to be met with great skepticism, and any system like this one will always be considered a lotto black book scam. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: