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8 year old girl died leaving 110 thousand love family to donate 4 families – Sohu news Wang Yu uncle count perfect, ready to record at home recuperating donation Wang Yu illness, grandfather with her family for children are lucky to get everyone’s help, but there is no blessing to repay everyone, now only through our hands. The rest of the love of money to help other families in need of help, let your love continue…… – Girls family yesterday morning, 4 families in Suqian city also received a donation, the donor Mr. Wang from Suqian City soap Town Lake District a very poor family. Modern Express reporter learned that the money was originally is Mr. Wang through a platform to raise the public for the 8 year old nephew to raise medical expenses of rain queen brain tumors. Unfortunately, not long ago, Wang Yu died due to the deterioration of the disease, to raise money to pay more than 11 yuan. In order to let this love money has a good home, they decided to put money into other needy families need help. Nanjing modern express ZAKER doom 8 year old girl lost parents and braintumors Wang Yu is an unfortunate child. From 2015, a series of heavy blows hit the little girl. The second half of 2015, year after year, the mother suddenly home, want to take away Wang Yu. And Wang Yu’s father in order to compete for custody and his wife, his wife killed himself in the attempted suicide, was arrested by the police. In desperation, the young Wang Yu grandpa Wanli Wang picked up by him, and Wang Yu’s aunt, uncle to take care of. But not long after, doom came again. On the morning of February 14th of this year, Wang Yu woke up and suddenly saw nothing in his eyes. Grandpa Wang Wan quickly contact aunt Wang Yu, she will be taken to a hospital in the city. After repeated examination of hospital experts confirmed that Wang Yu appears to be the cause of this series of symptoms is the brain has long been a malignant tumor, and has deteriorated, the tumor oppression of the nerve, surgery must be done as soon as possible. For more than 8000 users for her contributions to the 180 thousand Wang Wanli helpless, only tears secretly. Their family has been very difficult, usually rely on subsistence allowances. Now want to dig a large operating expenses, money come from? "The old man is so old that no one wants to lend him money. His daughter is not well-off. We understand the situation after the donation, but far from practical difficulties." Neighbors told the modern express, later, I saw a special group through the congregation to raise the platform to get help, so I will sort out the situation in Wang Yu, in the congregation raised platform for help information." Wang Yu’s Uncle Wang, the final more than 8 thousand people Wang Yu donations raised a total of 180 thousand yuan. In addition, after the netizens forward, not only the local school organized donations, many people in the field of love has also made a special trip to visit Wang Yu. "Early treatment costs are quickly raised." Wang said, was full of hope. Sorry to do two surgery, the child still go, however, for the first time"相关的主题文章: