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9 year old girl plucked eyelashes: don’t let our love become the burden of child – mother 9 year old girl Sohu plucked eyelashes: don’t let our love become the burden of the child the 9 year old Xu Xiaomei Hubei Girl 6 excellent training classes, and asked her mother before the examination must be three, summer can not breathe, because hair pulling pain so she felt excited, she plucked up his eyebrows eyelashes. Doctor: do not learn from three words, more concerned about the child’s psychological development. What’s your opinion? Today at noon and colleagues to discuss, why now children will live so tired? Many parents worry that their children will lose at the starting line, in the birth of a child is not a few months into early childhood, forcing the children to study hard, could not help but take their children and others to compare. The relationship between parents and children become more and more tense, and because the child’s heart is still relatively fragile, long-term in such an environment can not be healthy growth. Fast and slow if their education is lagging behind, will destroy the normal mental development of children. In the event of the 9 year old little girl, her mother asked her to be the first in the exam, the children in the long term under the oppression of the study or study in addition to the three. Parents in the back of the child desperately urged, resulting in children can not even summer breath. Now the child is stripped of his lashes, she felt the pain so excited her eyelashes. Can be seen for a long time depression, loneliness, forced to leave the child can not erase the psychological shadow. According to psychology, Chinese parents are 26% more likely to be angry than their parents, and to be more severe than they are at least $52.2%. Parents’ anxiety, impatience and other negative emotions, will also have a negative impact on the child’s psychological. The society is progressing, and the parents’ education consciousness is also improving, we all don’t want to let the children lose at the starting line. Children have been forced to learn completely numb. They only pursue speed, do not look at the process. Only focus on the results, do not care about the child’s inner feelings. They will be anxious for their dreams upon their children. And the life of the child now fell in love with the light of heart from care from, parents can’t reflect: why the children feel wronged but not willing to go to talk with their parents? Why their love will become the burden of the child and trouble? Taiwan writer Zhang Wenliang once wrote an article called "a snail" article said: the child is slowly raised, children like holding a snail in the walk, parents need to care and understand the delicate. And now the children, are parents forced to grow, there is no freedom and space, parents always think oneself is always superior, the child is always high. They forget to have a vision of a new life, forget that the child is an independent individual, forget the children have their own choice, forget the child is still so small should not bear so much…… What is the most important thing for a child? Is the outstanding achievement, or open-minded character? Is independent and strong spirit, or irritable depressed psychology? For parents, do not blindly ask the child to be more prominent, more promising work. Children should not live for us, he has his own dream and life, he has the right to y相关的主题文章: