A 86 year old woman accused of downloading pirated games on the game a fine of 30 thousand absolutel-poper

A 86 year old woman accused of downloading pirated games on the game: a fine of 30 thousand live absolutely ignorant of the Canadian province of Ontario in the 86 year old grandmother Christine McMillan recently surprised to find a mailbox mail, the mail claimed she pirated "Metro 2033", much to her surprise, she may have to pay $5000 (about 34 thousand yuan). The biggest problem is that she doesn’t even know what Metro 2033 is. McMillan is not as old as our recent report, Shirley, who knows nothing about video games. But the warning message is perfectly legal, not from the hands of the telecommunications fraud. According to foreign media, "Go Public" reported that this message comes from a Canadian Intellectual Property Law Enforcement Private Companies, the company through the Internet provider Mcmillan forwarded the message to her. "When I received this email, I was really shocked. I was 86 years old. No one but me can log in to my computer. But why should I download a war game?" McMillan says "Go Public". Grandma Mcmillan grandson has been an adult, but apparently he did not use her computer. As for why Mcmillan grandmother will receive this e-mail, you have to come from the Canadian federal government regulations notice notice and notice (notice and). The new regulations came into effect last year, forcing Internet service providers to notify users who may be involved in piracy, illegal downloading and uploading copyrighted content, and can not delete the content directly. The purpose of the "notice and notice" regulation is to protect the parties in the event of copyright disputes and to allow the defendant to take action (the network provider can not directly delete the contents of the alleged infringement). If some legitimate content was falsely accused of infringement, then the "notice and notice" can protect the legitimate content will not be deleted. But the legislation is not as good as it seems. For example, Mcmillan grandma lives in an apartment, a man reported her pirate "Metro 2033", and then send the Canadian property law enforcement, similar to a Private Companies will mean very vague mail to grandma Mcmillan. Security analyst and technical expert Wil Knoll said that many people will be afraid of handing over unnecessary fines. "This is for those who don’t know much about the system or the people around it," Knoll told Go Public. "They’re willing to pay the fine because they’re scared." In addition Knoll also revealed that the current copyright dispute also does not involve "notice and notice" regulations is to solve in the court, most people choose "private", this water has "2033" in the subway than those with nuclear radiation and muddy puddle. Said so much, in fact, the notification received by the McMillan actually does not have legal effect, she did not even have a legal obligation to pay a fine. In this case, McMilla.相关的主题文章: