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A good [in] Sydney Sydney housing life – Sohu Sydney tourism in Sydney is the first city in Australia, the capital is New South Wales, is Australia’s economic, financial, shipping and tourism center, is the world famous international metropolis. I think for the scenery in Sydney is no small home (a good home Uhouzz) again say, whether it is the world’s iconic Sydney Opera House, or charming lover in Hong Kong, whether it is a busy city, or beach and coastal dynamic. In Sydney Sydney, only we can not think of, there is no no. Sydney Sydney has 6 institutions of higher learning, which is the 4 well-known universities: University of Sydney (University of Sydney, referred to as USYD); University of New South Wales (University of New South Wales, referred to as UNSW); University of Technology Sydney (University of Technology, Sydney, UTS) and the Macquarie University (Macquarie University, referred to as MQ). Presumably Sydney Sydney by virtue of its unique scenery and a wealth of educational resources, has attracted small partners around the world to come to school. Today, from small home (a good home Uhouzz) to give you said, said in Sydney Sydney those things about life, buddies ready to play the ten thousand appetite, spirit, and small in the fly ~ ~ Sydney if Melbourne Australia overview on Leah like in Beijing China cultural city, then Sydney is the Shanghai Sydney hundred-percent ~ no, small home (a good home Uhouzz) think it should be more than Shanghai and prosperous. Not to say yes or no, Sydney Sydney is one of the world’s most expensive life calls here, high prices, high prices, high cost of living, some necessities and even luxury, expensive than Singapore, more expensive than Hongkong, more expensive, more expensive than Europe (even more than London, but expensive ~) still can not stop the on the love of Sydney, because of its beauty, its convenient transportation, mild weather, high gold content of the University, all outdoor projects in and around Australia can play almost cover. Eat Sydney Sydney is a romantic city, where, in addition to enjoy the beautiful scenery and opera, there are some Sydney style cuisine must taste. Unique geographical location and immigrants from around the world to make Sydney a rich and diverse food paradise. Sydney is a coastal city, the most can not miss the food is naturally seafood. Here in addition to taste the king crab, sea bass, tuna, oysters, lobster, crab and other seafood fresh mud, can also eat kangaroos, Turkey, crocodile, mud crab and other countries very rare food. In addition, Sydney’s white wine, fruits, beef and dairy products are also worth a try. The next small home (a good home Uhouzz) to provide two note to the buddies)相关的主题文章: