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A large number of farmers is urbanization parts artificially high urbanization rate – Beijing, although the central injunctions stressed, promoting new urbanization, can not rely on executive orders to engage in campaign style, but the "Economic Information Daily" reporters in many interviews found that some local decomposition layers, mutual competition, adjust the caliber, human existence push the high urbanization rate digital chaos, improve the level and quality of the new town continued. At the same time, farmers’ land contract rights, land use right, the "three rights" paid exit channels are sluggish, the land market is shrinking, supporting policies lag exacerbated the financing problem, become construction resistance of new towns, must speed up the reform, urbanization construction new impetus. A large number of farmers by the urbanization in many areas in the process of promoting the reform of household registration, the simultaneous implementation of the withdrawal of the county set up areas, towns and villages evacuated. With the change of statistical caliber, a large number of farmers have been urbanization". Even if other urbanization work is not carried out, but also to make the household population urbanization rate steadily. In the northern capital of a city, "12th Five-Year" during the household population urbanization rate is almost "zero growth", but "13th Five-Year" planning objectives are to increase of 8 percentage points. The local departments responsible person told the economic reference news "reporter," 13th Five-Year "goal of urbanization is the province and the surrounding city planning leadership according to the goal, but to tell the truth, according to past practice, coupled with the current economic downturn, this index is unlikely". Due to the popularity of the farmers do not want to move Hukou phenomenon, the lack of effective work of the starting point and improve the household population urbanization rate has become the difficulty of the work generally reflect the. Some areas will increase the urbanization rate of household registration, hope to adjust the statistical caliber, such as the implementation of the withdrawal of the county set up the District, the withdrawal of township streets. As early as 2004, the city of Shenzhen, Baoan, Longgang two districts to revoke all the town system, all the villagers into urban residents, becoming the country’s first no rural, no farmers in the city. At that time, a night of urbanization in the industry has caused a lot of controversy. "Economic Reference News" reporter learned that, in the current urban household population statistics, is mainly based on the number of non agricultural census, so some of the village in the city, the suburbs of rural population is still agricultural household. At present, many areas are promoting household registration reform, the abolition of agricultural and non-agricultural Hukou difference, a unified household registration. Insiders said that after the abolition of non-agricultural accounts, household registration of urban population will be based on the division of civil affairs within the urban area of all the population. This means that the size of the city in the District, village in the City suburb rural area will become permanent urban population. By adjusting the statistical caliber, the urbanization rate of household registration in Anhui province from 2014 to 22.7% in 2015 to 27.6%; Changchun household population urbanization rate also increased by about 3 percentage points. The new town area of some departments responsible person said, the county area, the suburb of a large rural population statistics for all urban household population, so we can guarantee the household population urbanization rate index was completed on schedule. Land and population imbalance has long been the representative of the city.相关的主题文章: