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A number of new regulations implemented in October’s circle of friends can speak criminal evidence of the original title: a number of new regulations implemented in October people’s livelihood network about the car driver qualification with a clear standard on 29 September, Xinhua news agency, Beijing (Bai Yang, Liu Yiran) net about car drivers into the unified management of the taxi industry, the new driving test outline strengthen actual road driving ability, network the third party shall bear the responsibility for food safety…… This October, a number of new regulations to implement the people’s livelihood, so that our lives have more legal protection. Net about car drivers in October 1st formally incorporated into the unified management of taxi industry implementation of the revised version of "taxi driver qualification regulations" clear net about car driver will be included in the taxi driver qualification management category, since a unified standard. According to the new regulations, the net about car drivers must pass a taxi driver qualification examination, and apply for qualification examination shall meet the traffic accident crime, crime of dangerous driving record, no drug use, no drink driving record, no record of violence and other conditions. Qualified candidates will be issued by the administrative department of city taxi issued the "network rental taxi driver’s license". The new requirements, the network reservation taxi driver registration, required by the taxi operators to the issuing authority where the competent administrative department for filing rental car, filing information including the driver qualification certificate information, and taxi operators signed a labor contract or agreement, etc.. The provisions also pointed out that the net about car driver may not have the parade showmanship, passenger station, illegal charges in violation of regulations, fails to reach the appointed place promised to provide reservation services without justification, and the quality of service complaints, or make any satisfactory evaluation of passengers retaliation behavior on the service; if the circumstances are serious, the competent the registration department will be postponed. The new driving test outline adjustment of some models the hours of October 1st, a new version of the "teaching and examination of motor vehicle driver training program" implemented. Compared with the current syllabus, the new syllabus total hours C1 license and C2 license respectively for 62 hours and 60 hours, than the original requirements for less than more than and 10 hours, but the quasi driving type training a minimum of not less than 300 km mileage. The specific time periods for each new program also made clear: each time for 60 minutes, the effective teaching time shall not be less than 45 minutes each day; students classroom learning time and the actual operating time shall not exceed 4 hours. This means that the driving part of the short-term open examination class will be difficult to continue the assault. In addition, the future will be more flexible way of driving test. The new outline is clear, "the study of road traffic safety laws and regulations and related knowledge" and "safe and civilized driving knowledge teaching can use multimedia teaching, network teaching, traffic safety experience in a variety of ways, but not less than 6 hours of classroom teaching;" safe and civilized driving knowledge "and" teaching can be integrated cross road driving "teaching," foundation and ground driving "and" driving "cross training. Micro-blog circle of friends electronic data can be used to punish the case evidence will be October 1st Qi Qi相关的主题文章: