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Marketing In the world of business no voice should be heard clearer than the voice of your customers. A good business will keep tabs on what’s being said about it’s products, by both employees and customers. Knowing the thoughts and minds of consumers can prove invaluable. If you don’t know why this is, let me list some reasons down below. Reason 1: Happy customers, make loyal customers. Consumers like to know that businesses are listening to them. Not just their praise but also their criticism. Praise can make you feel bold and incapable of failure. But it’s the criticism that can be worth more than a mountain of gold. It’s just not easy to hear critical remarks, but when you understand it’s value, you utilize it, and in turn let your customers be heard. When they get the feeling that they are being heard, they are more likely to return and spend. Reason 2: A loyal customer is priceless. A loyal customer doesn’t just mean a repeat customer, it also means a great advertising force. Nothing has proven to be more effective in bringing new customers to a business, than the word of a friend or family member. Think of the last thing you purchased. Something you were once skeptical of, but you ended up buying anyway. What was the reason for this purchase? Most likely it was a friend who gave you the final persuasive push. Make a customer feel like he is king, and not only will he return, but there is also a good chance he’ll bring someone with him. Reason 3: Tapping into the mind of your consumers can allow you to fine tweak your products. In doing so you’ll be giving the consumer exactly what he wants, making him a very happy and satisfied customer. However, tapping into the mind of the consumer can be a delicate task. If approached the wrong way, an inquiry can annoy and irritate your customers. It’s kind of like performing brain surgery. Moving the tools around in a brutish fashion will, in the end, cause the loss of the patient. Once again the same rules apply to an angry customer that apply to a happy customers. While a happy customer will bring you more customers, an angry customer will turn them away. There is a restaurant in town that I have never visited and that I vehemently refuse to go to. If you were to ask me the reason for my disgust, I wouldn’t be able to tell you. I could only say that I once heard a terrible thing about the place from someone I trusted. Reason 4: Your customers know more about your business than you do. They may not know all the details of how to run your business, but they know what it is that they do and don’t like about it. What businessman wouldn’t pay a substantial amount of money to know what was going on in the mind of his customers. If he knew this he would know his business. He would know what his business really is and what it should be.e. Reason 5: The customer is your bottom line, it just makes sense to listen to what he is saying about your product, policy, or practice. Ignoring the consumer is just like burying your head in the sand. The truth is rarely flattering, but it’s the truth and it’s what you need to hear. I know I haven’t listed any fresh Ideas, but sometimes it’s good to cover the basics one more time. Just like working on your free throws when you were in high school. Practicing the basics is just as important as everything else listed above. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: