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A pile of fish taste Gan Pu Xiaoqing Mandarin, brewing method is wrong? Eat and drink tea – Sohu asked: ripe tea after brewing the total pile taste, smell, is not the way of making me? Ask God for advice, in the home brew is not good to drink.? It is a single Dabao: 1, Pu Pu orange citrus tangerine peel Pu’er tea, there existed for many years, but last year to become the new hot pursuit of the market, a large number of businesses to cut such products, a quite lively time. 2, but "Pu Pu orange citrus tangerine peel Pu’er tea" is actually a self consistent existence cannot tangle. Pu’er Tea (cooked powder) with orange peel steamed soft flesh to fill holes (useful Xinhui Yunnan native, is also useful, each statement), and then after drying is finished. The problem is in the drying process. (this figure from South Beauty Tea) cooked in bulk after filling, because the peel density, resulting in tea drying speed is slow, it will cause problems if let things drift (tea or orange peel deterioration, or even moldy) so dry dried drying at low temperature is not suitable for this kind of basic tea drying, drying manufacturers the high temperature drying to ensure drying speed. This will have the following two questions: 1 tea after high temperature drying, the activity of damage, and inevitable will bring it, such as lock throat, dry mouth and other negative taste, drinking in the body, and the expected future will also transform tea gray. From the orange peel, has its traditional preparation method. The traditional drying method of high temperature drying is not the same orange peel, high temperature (or complex system formed by drying temperature and time, the total heat input etc.) will lead to loss due to the resistance of citrus. (this figure from the South Ming beauty) 3, "Pu Pu orange citrus tangerine peel Pu’er tea makes its only" congenital defects using high temperature drying (some manufacturers claim that their use of low temperature drying, dried, dried orange and other general dry black technology, I would rather believe the news), and high temperature drying will lead to reduced tea with dried tangerine peel quality at the same time, so this is a self consistent but not congenitally deficient, in the promotion of the market has become a hot tea — anyway, never lack of such a concept, from the early to the ginseng oolong, green mountains and rivers of Kunlun later, black tea and chrysanthemum MLM moburu is, this one is not bad. 4, back to the title of this tea, speculation may have the following possibilities: raw material quality problems, the no medicine. The tea in the storage process to produce moisture, microbial activity pile (result of cooked powder in the taste of high temperature and humidity environment. If the tangerine peel Pu’er tea, because the water is difficult, more prone to such deterioration, should be combined with the tea storage environment) (circulation and buyers deposit tea environmental judgment). (this figure by 5, South Beauty Tea) on brewing technique by adjusting the brewing technique, can indeed reduce the stray smell of tea to a certain extent, but refers to the outside in the storage stage made tea smell a little absorption, if the pile itself this kind of tea taste "the flavor", basically no solution. 6, on the "Pu Pu orange citrus tangerine peel Pu’er tea", in fact now distribution network相关的主题文章: