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A variety of factors "assists" Xinhua Trump analysis the reasons for winning – Sohu Xinhua news agency in Washington on 9 November, (International) Trump is making preliminary statistics of the U.S. version of "black swan," Xinhua News Agency reporter Xu Jianmei Zhou Xiaozheng Yan Liang, American media published on the 9 result, Republican presidential candidate Donald? Trump defeated Democratic rival Hilary Clinton? Won the 2016 U.S. presidential election. Hilary has called Trump to admit defeat, but also maintain the Republican majority in both houses of congress. Election dust settles, leaving behind a trauma and split the United states. Analysts pointed out that this is a far more than the impact of the United Kingdom to take off the referendum, the U.S. version of the black swan event, not only to the United States and the world to bring shock, but also left a lot of suspense, the reasons behind the worth pondering. Poll collective misjudgment of the U.S. presidential election with the United Kingdom, "off Europe" referendum similar scene — the vast majority of the previous election poll failed. Even behind Trump Fawkes TV’s pre election polls, Hilary has also been displayed in the country and most swing states overall lead. New York Times once considered Trump winning probability of only 5%. On the 8 day of the polling stations opened, known as the "king of the 538 poll" website also believes that Hilary has about 72%. In this regard, the U.S. media commented: everyone is wrong." United States media that white, especially white collar unusually high turnout for the election of Trump made distinctions won in battle. Microsoft National Broadcasting Company (MSNBC) reported preliminary exit polls showed Trump in the absence of college educated whites in the support rate as high as 65%, and Hilary in this group’s support rate was only 29%. Some analysts believe that many white people who support Mr Trump do not want to reveal their true voting tendencies, until the election day to vote the silent protest". The Hilary team and supporters of the election too confident, coupled with American politics, academia, business and mainstream media overwhelmingly opposed to Trump, this may be caused by the pre election polls collective misjudgment. A senior fellow at the Brookings Institution Darrel? West believes that the election results show that Trump’s white collar Raiders were "very successful campaign strategy". Those living in the midwestern United States white collar that globalization so that they lose their jobs, hate Obama’s eight years in power "too much to take care of" African American and Hispanic and other ethnic minorities, strongly supported Trump to renegotiate the FTA and other claims. Other analysts believe that the Obama government minority policy leads to the contradiction between different ethnic groups, many Asian middle-class elites became Trump’s loyal fans. It is worth noting that the U.S. demographic trends show that the United States in the mid twenty-first Century, the United States may no longer be a majority of the country. Trump’s opposition to illegal immigration, strengthen law and order and other tough claims, echoing the identity of the entire white group of anxiety". Trump after winning the election, the United States media believes that his victory is largely a United States相关的主题文章: