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Supplements Eating is easy, your food goes in and the digestive system takes care of the rest. When someone has acid reflux, the food is digested but the liquid material could make its way back up through the esophagus leaving a burning effect. This liquid material is extremely acidic and will be able to harm the esophageal lining. This painful feeling in the abdomen and chest can sometimes go on throughout the night. More serious symptoms can be exhibited if acid reflux continues; including nausea, vomiting and respiratory problems. Over time, this tends to lead to chronic conditions influencing a person’s health. The tender and sensitive lining of the esophagus will continue to get worse as the heartburn or acid reflux disease continues. It is best to seek treatment early on rather than expecting things to get worse. The act of stomach liquids backing up into the esophagus is generally normal. It also happens to those without acid reflux disease disease. in the case of acid reflux disorder patients, however, the stomach contents have more acid than the normal and that the acid tends to stay inside the esophagus in an extended period of time. Heartburn sufferers tend to have higher incidence of stomach acid and repeated exposure to the esophagus leaves the lining delicate and vulnerable. Your body does have natural protection against stomach acid which helps to dilute its potency. Your saliva is an example of a natural method of combating the acidic liquid. Your salivary glands produce material rich in bicarbonate; a base chemical which dilutes acid. Your saliva passes through the esophagus when you swallow and begin to tame the regurgitated fluid. It acts like a fire extinguisher putting out a flame. Studies have shown that almost all cases of acid reflux disorder actually occur within the daylight hours. Because we tend to sit in an upright position for most of the day we’re not as aware of it. This upright posture along with the help of gravity keeps most of the stomachs liquids down. We also tend to swallow very often and regularly during the daytime, which causes saliva to work its magic. The mentioned natural ways of the body to guard itself are crucial within the repair of the esophagus. But saliva, swallowing, and gravity can only work when someone is in an upright position. During the night, when people are asleep, gravity can’t help much. Also, the excretion of saliva is reduced and swallowing does not take place. It is for these reasons why acid reflux disease which comes about at night gets more severe in the esophagus because the acids stay longer and therefore do more damage to it. Acid reflux is often more troublesome for a pregnant female or obese person. The greater levels of hormones during pregnancy and high levels of fat in the body can bring about heartburn or acid reflux owing to the force within the lower esophageal sphincter, a muscle that prevents the stomach contents from coming back to the esophagus, is reduced. As such, it will be easier for this partially digested food to return as less force is holding them back down. Moreover, for the pregnant women, the pressure inside the abdomen rises due to the developing fetus in the womb. Acid reflux pillows have become an essential tool in combating this problem. The pillow elevates your upper body as you rest. acid reflux disorder pillows are accessible in many stores and on the Internet for this purpose. Your upper torso is raised only 6 to 8 inches but it’s enough to offset the effects of regurgitated stomach acid. Many studies show that acid reflux disorder pillows are helpful in reducing the incidence of the painful effects of heartburn. Check for them online or in specialty stores. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: