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Although " was depressed; ", the film version of "flash" the hostess said it would not quit the film version of "flash" female major Leixi · Clemence time reported two consecutive directed exit, a shadow for the film version of "flash" Mongolia, however, before the movie actress Keleixi · Clemence said that although the director left, but she and actor Ezra · Miller will not leave, give the fans a reassuring. 1 this month, "flash" broke the news, director Rick · because of disagreement with easy method Mu watt opinions and decided to withdraw from the Warner’s, following the first director Seth · Graham Mei – Smith also because of "creative differences" speech guide, "flash" once again lost the director. At the same time, finalized by the hostess to tile method Mourinho selected Keleixi · Clemence’s fate is also popular attention. Clemence plays the role of the flash is the love of my life. Alice · West, she had worked with director Famuyiwa film "awesome". The day before, Clemence and the Hollywood report about the director’s left, "Rick is the main reason I picked this movie, so he is not in the let me feel very depressed. All I can do now is to give everything to God, and let’s see what happens." Obviously, Clemence did not want to leave, although there is no film director, but she to fans that she plays and Dwyane Ezra · Miller will not leave, "Ezra and I will be in accordance with our initial commitment to do it, who is the director." The new director of the film version of the Blitz has not yet been finalized. The film was originally scheduled for March next year to start production, in July boot, North America released in March 16, 2018. According to the current situation, the boot schedule and release time or will be delayed.相关的主题文章: