Aluminum body was questioned question where

Aluminum body was questioned question where? Perhaps in the future car prices to promote all aluminum body, it should be added from the nature of geothermal energy, luxury solar texture, such words. I believe we must be two days before the various – Mercedes Benz E (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) scraper, in addition to a variety of Electronic Science and technology of black, which even a little controversy, is related to the aluminum body. Although both imported or domestic, in fact, are also used in steel body, the difference is mainly on some parts. But the MRA platform to build the frame when it adopts Aluminum Alloy material more proportion, even in front of the water tank bracket are replaced by aluminum flashing, which indicates the quality significantly reduced 100kg, wheelbase than standard shaft version has increased less than 100kg, the lightweight effect is obvious. When it comes to aluminum, reminiscent of the Colin founder Ruths Chapman saying that if you want to make your car faster and easier to control, the structure is simplified, and then reduce the weight, there is no doubt that this kind of material is aluminum. As an automobile material, aluminum alloy has good machinability, beautiful appearance, light weight, and can play a very important role in driving control and sustainable development of environment. Although car prices favored, but the key issue is the biggest advantage of the cost of aluminum, of course, is light weight. The density of alloy steel is 7.8G cubic meters, the density of aluminum alloy is only 2.7g cubic meters, the same volume, the quality of aluminum alloy to be lighter, which is why the field of aerospace widely used aluminum alloy materials. But at the same time, the strength of aluminum alloy is 85mol, much higher than that of steel 40mol. Aluminum alloy in the light at the same time does not affect its own strength, in terms of security and will not be greatly reduced. It is generally believed that the use of 50%-60% weight aluminum alloy instead of steel, you can make the car to achieve the same performance. In addition, the aluminum alloy has the advantages of corrosion resistance and wear resistance. So, like "aluminum instead of iron" idea has existed in all the enterprises in the minds of the boss, even if unable to use Aluminum Alloy to build the entire frame, currently on the market a lot of models in suspension, engine block and other parts of the application of the Aluminum Alloy technology. We do not say super run, has been known as the body of all aluminum jaguar. Jaguar has been committed to the development of all aluminum body, from the flagship model XJ XJL gradually extended to lower positioning models. At the beginning of the listing of the first Jaguar domestic models XFL, aluminum alloy ratio reached 75%, is currently the highest proportion of domestic models of aluminum alloy models. The stiffness compared to the current XF models increased by 28% compared to the previous XF models, the weight of 190kg is reduced, the weight is reduced by 40%, white body weight was only 297kg. 2013 XF indicates the quality of about 1.9 tons, and after application of the aluminum body mass is about 1.14 tons, nearly 0.8 tons less, this is amazing. There are also Audi A8 (with the Senate, pictures, inquiry), Cadillac CT6, and even Ford 2015 F150 pickups have been.相关的主题文章: