Amd president Su Feng the next five years the world will have a total of 100 million VR users (video

AMD president Su Feng: the next five years, the world will have a total of VR users of the text of the world science and technology Tencent global market point of view, now there are about 1 billion 400 million computers, which really can play VR computer does not exceed 13 million units, less than. In this light, the future of intelligent devices detonated VR huge market space. As a VR device to provide graphics cards, CPU players, AMD company’s share price has benefited from the concept of VR wave, excellent performance. From 2016 to the beginning of August, AMD’s stock price rose for six consecutive months, ranging from $to $7 range touch on the range of $2. In the PC era, the era of smart phones are frustrated old chips, graphics manufacturers AMD, it seems to find a sense of revival. August 31st uplink, AMD Greater China headquarters, Tencent technology and AMD global president Su Zifeng conducted an interview. "In the next five years there will be a total of 100 million VR users worldwide," he said. In praise of the Beijing beautiful autumn, the female president dressed and quickly enter the state, the interview process from time to time to nod or smile, showing good affinity. She stressed that the advantages of AMD gathered in high-performance computing is from the accumulation of technology and strong execution. Since the rise in 2014, the Soviet Union will be full of 2 years. She is excited about the performance of the company, but she also reminded themselves, and can not be short to see three to six months of stock price performance, and to put a long look, see after 35 years. Indeed, missed the popularity of China’s personal smart devices, AMD almost disappear in the eyes of Chinese consumers. More than and 10 years ago, AMD and also from the United States of Intel for the personal computer market China daleitai, on billboards in Beijing Zhongguancun street, AMD processor for a while Intel heart bite. A few years later, Intel inside become a strong brand, AMD will gradually forget the end consumer. Today, after Intel’s dominance of personal computers, laptops are covered by the era of smart phones, AMD is no more sound. This time the market is the big winner qualcomm. Through the sale of high-performance chips, Qualcomm has become the country’s smart phone manufacturers to curry favor with those in power. When the upstream supply chain tight, can get Qualcomm is an advantage. Of course, all of this has nothing to do with AMD. AMD business in some box shrink to the video game console, with Microsoft Xbox and SONY PS4 game manufacturers cooperation, AMD business gradually concentrated graphics imaging and data processing. With 47 years of history, AMD is in urgent need of a new victory and morale, and is also looking forward to finding new business segments. For domestic VR keen to provide a good opportunity. In the eyes of China’s industry boosters, VR+ education, VR+ electricity supplier, VR+ games, etc., are hundreds of billions of market opportunities. AMD wants to make a difference. AMD’s goal is to take the lead in reducing the price of graphics cards, in order to facilitate the popularity of VR as soon as possible. Earlier this year, AMD released Polaris graphics card, next year will release Zen Core. Zen Core was described as the most important products in the past ten years AMD.相关的主题文章: