American airline stewardess Halloween Costume Samsung Note7 jump red network (Figure) (video)-aapt.exe

American airline stewardess Halloween Costume "Samsung Note7" jump red network (Figure) according to the British "Daily Mail" reported on November 1st, an airline stewardess Southwest Airlines recently popular network, get a lot of praise and forwarding point in the "Twitter", because it turned a "fire of the Samsung Note7 mobile phone on halloween". In October this year, the airline flight aircraft flying from Baltimore to Louisville, Kentucky, a India passenger carrying the Samsung Note7 smoke in the cabin, the passengers on the plane to be evacuated. Since this incident, the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration banned passengers boarding the Samsung Note7 mobile phone. And many airlines have begun to deal with lithium ion batteries in the course of the fire and take other measures. At least three U.S. flights are being added to the fire fighting facilities. Although the matter has brought a lot of trouble, but apparently did not affect the flight attendant’s sense of humor, she dressed as a "mobile phone" to celebrate Halloween in Yancheng airport. Onlookers said she was ridicule himself was refused boarding. Although this is mainly a Halloween joke, but also designed to remind passengers not to steal Note7 boarding. (internship compilation: Wang Yujia reviewer: Zhu Yingku) editor’s note: this has nothing to do with the original video, for extended reading of Japan’s most crazy Halloween costume this Samsung Note7 who dare to close相关的主题文章: