Analysts the higher the price of gold, the less power, the market sentiment or soon change-zibba

Analysts: gold is high power to reduce the market mood or change quickly FX168 news recently the gold market has great fluctuation, the price of gold soared last week after the beginning of this week fell sharply Tuesday (February 16th) at $1190 an ounce level test, but then because of the stock market rebounded again rose to 1210 above. MKS reported that the last gold price rose by 10% in the 10 trading days, or the gold price was higher than the $1900 ounce, close to the highest level in history. At the end of February 9th, when the Comex silver dollar was almost double in the previous week, almost 226 tons were betting on the price of gold, but it was still below 2/3 level compared with the average of 10 years. Marex Spectron, director of precious metals at David Govett, said: "I don’t think gold is in a sustained bull market, the higher the price of gold, the less the momentum." Govett said that as long as a few positive economic data can change the market sentiment, everyone will leave the danger of the ship. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

分析师:金价越高涨动力越减少 市场情绪或很快转变   FX168讯 近期黄金市场出现了很大波动,上周金价暴涨后,本周初一度大幅回落,周二(2月16日)一度测试1190美元 盎司水平水平,但此后却因为股市回升而再度回升至1210上方。   MKS报告称,上一次金价在10个交易日内上涨10%还是在金价高于1900美元 盎司接近历史最高水平时。   在2月9日结束当周Comex期银净多头头寸较前一周近乎翻番,有差不多226吨是押注金价走高的,不过较10年均值还是低于三分之二的水平。   Marex Spectron贵金属主管David Govett表示:“我不认为金价在持续的牛市中,金价涨得越高,后续动力就越少。”   Govett称,只要几个积极的经济数据就能让市场情绪转变,所有人都会离开避险这条船。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: