Anhui ministries supervise the handling of environmental standards behind Jinhe industrial Rashomon 7470d

Anhui ministries supervise the handling of environmental standards: behind Jinhe industrial Rashomon investigation hot column capital flows thousands of thousands of stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated trading client sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to tutor you say stocks contest 60 million ministries supervise the handling: behind Jinhe industrial environmental protection "Rashomon" survey of Jinhe industrial Zhu Yiyi newspaper reporter Zhu Yiyi Shanghai reported in early September to Ancheng bright, but in the only local enterprises listed on the main board of Jinhe Industrial (002597.SZ) around the plant, the residents rarely feel this way. This is as early as July 2011 on the A shares of chemical companies in the field of environmental protection has been constantly, toxic gas leakage, chemical plant explosion, water pollution and other phenomena occur. In September 3rd, the G20 meeting soon, but in twenty-first Century the Economic Herald reporter visited found that in the distance Hangzhou straight-line distance of less than 300 km above the surrounding town of East Anhui, Jinhe chemical plant still has the smell, and the plant near a hidden outfall, there are brown waste water. In order to breath the clean air, nearly forty years of Liu Youming (a pseudonym) has been with the Jinhe industrial "struggle" for many years, but no chance, "the local environmental protection department said their emissions compliance". Until the end of August, Jinhe paper called "the Anhui provincial environmental protection bureau about the arrival of County Environmental Protection Agency issued notice of the notice" supervise the handling of cases of illegal corporate environment, just let Liu Youming see a ray of hope. The standards of environmental protection "Luo Sheng door" "365 days a year, half of the time the taste is very strong, can in the window", can not remember from the start, Liu Youming found that less than 1000 meters of Jinhe chemical plant from his home, the smell of continuous influence his life. Through the window, he often saw the smoke from the chimney. Jinhe industrial Laian is the largest chemical enterprises, formerly Laian chemical fertilizer plant, was still an annual output of 3000 tons of synthetic ammonia of small enterprises. In 2000, after the restructuring of the private Jinhe fertilizer plant. Prospectus shows that the main production of gold Wo Industrial Security honey, a, ethyl maltol, three sucrose and methyl chloride methyl ketone and other food additives. At present, the production of the first batch of honey and a methyl ethyl maltol, ranked first in the world, with an annual output of 12000 tons of honey. 2016 report shows that in the first half net profit of 236 million yuan. Such a huge volume, covers an area of 150 thousand square meters, more than 3000 employees of the listed company, the local people are supposed to be proud of business, but that does not seem so. In the largest local public space network "Laian forum", "Golden Harvest" and "chemical plant" and other words, "exposure to golden harvest! Pollution of the air, "why wo chemical plant did not move?" And other posts directed at the pollution of Jinhe industry. Liu Youming took these ideas to action. From the beginning of February 2011, he has been repeatedly County Environmental Protection Bureau, Chuzhou Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, Anhui provincial Environmental Protection Bureau and state theory相关的主题文章: