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The same shape of Apple’s new machine shortcoming surprise Legal Evening News (reporter Li Shixiang) the latest Apple iPhone 7 will be at 7 local time (8 am Beijing time), before release, various properties of this kind of mobile phone may have been disclosed. According to British media reports, this phone will add two new colors, enhanced waterproof function, in appearance and iPhone 6 is not much difference. According to the Legal Evening News reporter, this year, Android mobile phones have also been included in the scope of Apple’s new project, there is a technology website commented that this is designed to attract more users to Apple Android. However, the report said, because there is no major innovation in design, Apple’s new machine is expected to be released on Apple’s mobile phone sales boost. Details without headset interface dark, black and white piano increased British "Daily Mail" reported that although Apple has always been a "mystery" is known, but before the company officially released the day number, the new mobile phone almost all of the details have surfaced. Analysts and Apple Corp observers expect that the phone is likely to be similar to the 2014 launch of iPhone 6, the screen size may still be 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches. Reported that, compared with the previous version of Apple’s mobile phone, iPhone 7 will have no headphone interface, users can use wireless bluetooth. Without the traditional headphone interface, more space will be available for new speakers. In addition, iPhone 7 in color will also have new changes, it will launch a "dark" version to replace the original gray space, and a new color for the "black piano", before the silver and gold, rose gold will still exist. As for the waterproof function, iPhone 7 is expected to be able to stay in the water for 1 minutes in the position of 30 minutes, which means that the phone can persist in the rain or a shower for some time. According to BGR news reports, although the market’s top Android phones may be better performance, but in the actual test and benchmark test, iPhone 7 seems to surpass other competitors. The British "Financial Times" reported on 5, since 2003, Apple Corp’s new product release has attracted public attention, but the disclosure of details, the upcoming release of the latest iPhone difficult to let people have a sense of excitement. The British "mirror" reported earlier, iPhone 7 is the key to most users to buy is worth of design factors. If iPhone 7 and iPhone little difference between the 6, then, only about 10% of users said they would buy the first time a new product is similar to the current iPhone. "Digging" new Android mobile phone into apple "TM" project in 2015, the Apple Corp officially launched the Chinese recycling programs in the mainland, only supports iPhone and iPad products tm. The new service is limited to Apple retail outlets, and its products must be in mainland China and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan version. Change iPh Xiang相关的主题文章: