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Artimber interview with Zhang Fuliang, Dean of the Zhejiang Textile and Fashion College College of fashion, and recently, the twentieth Ningbo International Fashion Festival industry attracted a lot of attention, the fashion design is the most eye-catching gorgeous and varied. Design and fashion needs to be inherited, and heritage is inseparable from teaching. When it comes to costume design in Ningbo, there is no way to avoid a place — that is, Zhejiang Textile and Fashion College. Zhejiang Textile and Fashion College is the higher occupation colleges in Zhejiang Province, the first to meet the development needs of the development of higher vocational education restructuring law and industry college level, is the only one in Zhejiang Province Higher Vocational Demonstrative college. Among them, the school is the most distinctive professional clothing and apparel design major, this is the only Ningbo professional brand, Zhejiang province is also the first pilot vocational professional and Vocational Colleges in Zhejiang Province, Zhejiang Province, focusing on the construction of professional specialty demonstration colleges and Ningbo City Service Education Key Construction professionals. Why the professional can include so many honorary titles? What are the specific strategies and characteristics of the college in the training of professionals? By interviewing Zhang Fuliang, Dean of fashion, we may find the answer. Carry out the spirit of red inheritance brand Yucai clothing and apparel design professional under the school level two college College of fashion, started in 1986, now has a history of over 30 years. The special features and the local geographical and economic characteristics linked to the heritage of Ningbo. "Pioneers, skill, diligence and honesty" spirit culture. When it comes to the red spirit, Zhang Fuliang said: "the red was originally a tailor schools in Ningbo. Now, our school is dedicated to the creation of a red Institute, school teachers have their own open Hongbang tailor shops. It can be said that we are all descendants of the red." Zhang Fuliang teacher in the guidance based on the local culture, College of fashion clothing and apparel design major in personnel training, focusing on the service for the local economy, cultivating students comprehensive qualities. In the curriculum, according to the characteristics and development trend of local industrial transformation and upgrading in recent years, the Institute has also set up a special fashion management professional and customized courses. Because the format of the industry is not the same, the former is the tailoring industry, is now the brand fashion industry. In this regard, we are now pushing out a training mode, called "brand yucai"." Zhang Fuliang said. "Brand Yucai" training mode is a strategic conception of characteristics of College of fashion, from now the brand industry development. Zhang Fuliang believes that the change of industrial development has brought the change of the talent demand, this change requires the occupation education initiative to adapt or lead the industry demand, combined with the brand process, including product development, product planning, consumer research, store a series of content, for the development of culture industry brand series of talent, realize the diversification of culture industry people oriented, diversified. Zhang Fuliang said: "the so-called ‘higher vocational education’, that is, both professional, but also the characteristics of higher education. We should not only down-to-earth with local enterprises cooperation, but also to be able to cooperate with the International Creative College is very good, to support and realize our goals through education相关的主题文章: