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At the wedding of Lee Hom according to the first exposure to lift the veil, Li Lianglei Lee Hom wife of Sina entertainment news according to Taiwan media reports, micro-blog [hit king Lee Hom and his girlfriend Li Lianglei]2013 announced the registration of marriage, birth to two year long queen Carrie, Lee Hom recently will launch "open fire" 3D concert movie, 2 days of exposure of the first trailer in the first appearance of Lee Hom and wife wedding scene, seen wearing black suit he wore white yarn for soulful Li Lianglei fans also managed to lift the veil, see the picture into the hall of the carved idol, have said to move. In November 2013, Lee Hom announced his first segmented flash marriage, suggesting that shortly after the Thanksgiving Day is very important, and then paste the parents stare at each other photos, said: "I hope I love the work and the life I desire to both, the best of both worlds. Of course, more importantly, I finally want to change ", let the fans smell the upcoming big news. On the 27 morning, Lee Hom officially posted a photo of Li Lianglei, said: "I’m very lucky to have a hand in hand, spend the next girl, a day after he announced through brokers also said two people flash marriage, marriage registration day is just parents wedding anniversary, the extraordinary significance, but then asked whether to consider in Taiwan, go through the wedding, Lee Hom said:" we may not have such ideas." The exposure of the "firepower" 3D concert movie trailer, 2 minutes and 28 seconds at the wedding of Lee Hom alarmed fragments, the two men was visible in foreign countries have traditionally held a wedding, beside many relatives and friends to participate in and use the camera, mobile phone records of a historic moment, fans finally saw Lee Hom, the legendary wedding exposure. Happy also said: "I got to do!" (commissioning editor: Kita)相关的主题文章: