Australian media said the world financial market of China economic slowdown was over e3300

Australian media said the world financial market over reaction to China’s economic slowdown: data: China’s economy is at the crossroads of transformation. Foreign media said, Bob, President of the Australia China Relations Institute, University of Technology Sydney, ·, Carle said that the world financial market reaction to the slowdown in China’s economic growth of the news too much reaction. According to "the Australian" website reported on 29 January, the former foreign minister said in January 28th, China growth rate of 6.9% of the economic slowdown and the country’s leaders had expected is consistent, but also provides the opportunity to change China middle-income countries apparently australia. Carle said, "if anything is more worthwhile than Australia for China, please let me know."." Carle said that retail sales and online sales, the number of express parcels and passenger traffic and other economic data eased people’s worries about the "hard landing". He said: "China is moving towards a middle income economy, and its massive economy is shifting to services and consumption." He said that the Chinese government has shown that it is committed to reform. According to Hongkong’s "South China Morning Post" website reported on January 29th, at the beginning of 2016, the prospect of China’s economic slowdown makes the global financial market shudder. But these fears are overdone. In terms of structural adjustment of the real economy, China has continued to make encouraging progress. There is progress in economic adjustment, but financial reform has suffered setbacks. This mismatch is a critical step in China’s transition to a new growth model, and must be thoroughly resolved. But that doesn’t mean the crisis is just around the corner. Reported that China has a long-term central planning experience, adjust the industry to continue to maintain excellent performance naturally. The trend in 2015 is an example: the service sector has increased by 8.3%, more than the growth rate of manufacturing and construction industries that used to dominate. The proportion of added value of the third industry to GDP rose to 50.5%, far exceeding the target of 12th Five-Year. The great change of China’s economic structure is of great significance to the implementation of consumption oriented adjustment strategy in china. Service industry has become the mainstay of urban employment, but also an important source of personal income. The relative growth of the third industry plays an important role in controlling unemployment and preventing social instability, the biggest worry China has ever had. Reported that the financial reform China recently implemented is stumbling, some mistakes should not be ignored, but far from a lot of people think the crisis in sight of.

澳媒称世界金融市场对中国经济放缓反应过头 资料图片:中国经济处在转型的十字路口。   境外媒体称,悉尼科技大学澳大利亚-中国关系研究院院长鲍勃·卡尔说,世界金融市场对中国经济增速放慢这一消息的反应过头了。   据《澳大利亚人报》网站1月29日报道称,这位前外长1月28日说,中国6.9%的增长率与该国领导人此前预期的经济增速放缓是吻合的,而且中国向中等收入国家的转变显然为澳大利亚提供了机遇。   卡尔说:“如果有什么事比中国现象更值得澳大利亚去努力,请让我知道。”   卡尔说,零售额和网上销售额、快递包裹数量以及飞机旅客量等经济数据缓解了人们对“硬着陆”的担忧。   他说:“中国正朝着成为中等收入经济体的方向迈进,其体量庞大的经济正在向服务与消费转变。”   他说,中国政府已经表明自己锐意改革。   另据香港《南华早报》网站1月29日报道,2016年伊始,中国经济放缓的前景让全球金融市场不寒而栗。然而这些担心有些过度了。在实体经济的结构性调整方 面,中国持续呈现令人鼓舞的进展。经济调整有进展,金融改革却遭遇挫折,这种不匹配在中国向新增长模式转型进入关键阶段的当下,是必须彻底解决的。但这并 不意味着危机就在眼前。   报道称,中国有长期的中央计划经验,调整起产业来自然也继续保持优异表现。2015年的趋势就是例子:服务业增长8.3%,超过曾经占统治地位的制造业和建筑业的增长速度。第三产业增加值占国内生产总值比重升至50.5%,远远超出“十二五”的目标。   中国经济结构的重大变化对中国实施消费主导型调整战略具有极其重要的意义。服务业发展成为城市就业的中流砥柱,也是个人收入来源的一个重要板块。第三产业的相对壮大对控制失业以及防止社会不稳定——中国一直以来最大的担忧——起到重要作用。   报道称,中国最近实施的金融改革确实磕磕绊绊,有些失误不应轻视,但是远远没到许多人认为的危机近在眼前的程度。相关的主题文章: