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Basic characteristics of parallel reactor|Basic characteristics of parallel reactor

    four parallel reactor by 4 reactors tested at the same time, each reaction vessel equipped with a separate heating, stirring and pressure components, ensure that each reactor is independent on temperature, pressure and stirring speed of different reaction conditions, optimize, accelerate the test conditions. For the screening of chemical reaction conditions, in the shortest possible time to build the best reaction conditions, as far as possible to shorten the research and development time, to ensure that the new product has a competitive advantage and the special design of the reaction device. Reaction and volume can be freely combined, the minimum is 10ML, the maximum volume of 500ML, SLP parallel reactor, there are 2, 4, 6, 8 and other parallel reactor, according to the specific circumstances of the experiment. SLP parallel reactor to the door of the show, from the pride classic separation SLM series micro reactor and SLM reactor, the performance has micro perfect, strong performance in the market, well received by users. Patent number: ZL201120305107.9 (please look for the trademark)
four parallel reactor is widely used in a variety of catalytic reaction, high temperature and high pressure synthesis, hydrogenation, gas-liquid, liquid-liquid two-phase, exothermic reaction, composition test, stability test, corrosion resistance, fine chemicals, supercritical reaction, catalyst evaluation and development of applications, mainly in the petrochemical, chemical, pharmaceutical, metallurgy and other fields of polymer synthesis.