Autumn eat sugar cane intestines to buy 3

Autumn to eat sugar cane spleen intestine to buy 3 methods of sugar cane is the most in autumn fruit can not be less, sweet sugar cane, I believe there are a lot of people like it. However, how to choose to buy a good cane? Here, to teach everyone to buy sugar cane tips, do not miss. Sugar cane sugar. Sugarcane can replenish enough heat energy for the body, and has a good effect on preventing and treating hypoglycemia, eliminating fatigue and heat stroke. Invigorating spleen and diuretic. Sugarcane fever thirst, dryness, and wide gas under the diaphragm, stop vomiting, help the spleen stomach, diuresis, nourishing effect. Laxative. Sugar cane can alleviate the lack of body fluid, mouth parched and tongue scorched urination, constipation, nausea, vomiting, indigestion and other symptoms have a fever, thirst. The purchase method of sugarcane sugarcane quality juicy and sweet taste, water less residue, fresh breath. Moldy sugarcane often have acid smell and lees flavor. The good quality of sugarcane peel visible white flesh, close texture, fine fiber, rich in sugar cane juice. Poor quality of sugarcane fiber, hard, less juice, some of the serious or loose wood structure. Moldy sugarcane was sectioned, grayish black profile. Brownish yellow or light yellow, slightly in the longitudinal fibers can be seen mixed with different thickness of red and brown stripes. The good quality of sugarcane stalk rough and smooth, straight and erect, rich luster, surface purple, hanging glaucous, no moth hole surface. Inferior or moldy sugarcane often surface color is not fresh, poor appearance, visible traces of moth eaten between the sections or subsections. In general, the thickness should be uniform, or do not choose too coarse, generally do not recommend, you can choose to use the thumb and forefinger around thickness. When the choice, bright color deep Pizer, older, some nodes of sugarcane. Finally, we recommend the cane to eat it. Sugar cane porridge ingredients: 800 ml of sugar cane juice, sorghum rice, 200 grams. Practices: wash the static sugarcane juice, sorghum rice panning clean, will Sugar cane juice and sorghum rice into the pot, add appropriate amount of water, boiled into a thin porridge. Efficacy: spleen digestion, nourishing yin and moistening heat fluid. Suitable for heat recovery period, pain caused by body fluid deficiency upset thirst, lung dry cough, constipation and other disorders. Autumn to eat sugar cane is also the right amount of oh.相关的主题文章: