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Baby background show loving default pregnancy: Xiaoming said the time will say – Entertainment Sohu Huang Xiaoming sun and his wife photo hair dog food   film network reported the evening of September 24th, Angelababy won the best supporting actress award in thirty-third and then went to the popular movie hundred flowers, backstage interview area media group visit. As a new quasi daddy, Huang Xiaoming from the red carpet link to the awards ceremony always stay beside baby, now more closely. As the topic of the current entertainment center of the characters, although Angelababy repeatedly asked the presence of the media, the problem is not too sharp, but still can not be asked whether pregnant. In this regard, she and Huang Xiaoming two people responded with a smile. Perhaps is the award after a good mood, although Angelababy did not respond directly, but the words seemed or acquiesced in this message: "(this issue) I think later we reply, said the time always said, we still don’t rush." Such an answer, but also the presence of the media applause. That night, Angelababy and Huang Xiaoming is full opened, show loving child dog model. Because Angelababy was wearing high-heeled shoes heel is high, Huang Xiaoming has been helping her bend to mention skirt, and help her in the side and took the cup award certificate. Angelababy happy said: "Mr. Huang is very nervous, in the stage are crying, I turn to comfort him, thank him for encouraging me, support me, like parents, I was really touched."相关的主题文章: