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Baby responded: can wear high-heeled pregnant said you would say the award thirty-third Sina entertainment awards ceremony, with "Angelababy" dragon tactic in a corner of Ding Sitian won the award for best supporting actress, this is the first time she won the Golden Rooster Hundred Flowers Award nomination and award. At the ceremony backstage, Huang Xiaoming [micro-blog] way as Huhuashizhe, will be sent to the above wife had taken a back stage while waiting. Baby speech, said: "in fact when this comes to the nomination is already very big encouragement. I’ve seen the nominated film, and I think everyone is doing very well. An award award is also very competitive, I did not think so much, just sitting in the audience is also very common sense…… No matter whether the award I will continue to work hard, do the work will have a harvest. Huang has been encouraging me, there is a state of parents. Just as you send your child to school and see your child get a reward, you’ll be more nervous than he is." "What will the movie should be at the end of the year, has not announced schedule," the ferryman ", the movie also spent a lot of time, a lot of hope that we can support. Next, I will seriously treat each drama and research, I hope you will not live up to my expectations." Angela Baby revealed that he is currently resting state, and today before the award on the red carpet, the host also jokingly said, "because baby is baby, so today to accompany his wife to intimate xiaoming". Baby recently pregnant wedding got back there again drifting profusely and disorderly, the reporter asked about the matter, said "see you wearing high heels today," Baby said: "today is pretty high heels, because it can stand up, will certainly give you presents the most perfect posture. When I have no strength to stand up one day, I will have a good rest. You just have a question, I would like to answer later, because the time to say." (what Xiaoqin article) (commissioning editor: YY)相关的主题文章: