Baby Fingers Has A Sign Language Program In Nyc For You And Your Little

Reference-and-Education If you are looking for a baby sign language program in NYC, Baby Fingers has unique programs that offer sign language and music classes for parents and their children. Parents can enroll their babies as young as one month, children in pre-school or Kindergarten, and toddlers anywhere in-between, in fun and engaging classes that teach American Sign Language through music, games, stories, and dramatic play. Founded by Lora Heller, Baby Fingers is a New York based resource for sign language and music classes for parents who want to enhance .munication with their children. Lora Heller originated the idea after recognizing the impact of her early teachings of sign language on her own children. When her 6-month old son was able to sign the phrase "I love you" Lora was inspired to develop a curriculum and method to teach other children this useful tool as well. The curriculum used by Baby Fingers incorporates both music and sign language because they both play pivotal roles in enhancing .munication skills. Signing is rhythmic as is music and the .bination provides a natural means by with to interact. Both signing and music aid in the ability to keep a steady beat and that skill has been linked to improved reading performance. The following are a few course options to choose from when signing up for a sign language program in NYC with Baby Fingers. Creative Play & Sign These classes are designed to encourage self expression, improve speech and language, facilitate socialization, and further develop literacy skills. Through the use of games, stories, movement to music, and dramatic play, preschoolers and kindergarten children [aged two through six] get to participate an engaging and stimulating class environment that meets their developmental stages. Baby Fingers Sign & Stretch As one of the most unique classes offered by Baby Fingers, caregivers and children have the opportunity to focus on creative learning in movement, song, yoga, and sign language. They will gain a greater understanding of their baby or toddler’s physical development and the tools needed to enhance language and .munication. In the class walkers are introduced to thematic units, linking yoga poses with American Sign Language vocabulary. Music for Babies The goal of this class is to nurture the bond between parent and child through melody. Singing, movement to music, musical play, and reading books are all activities incorporated within the class to aid your baby’s visual and auditory tracking, and language development. This class is intended for newborns through to toddlers. Research has indicated that babies who sign tend to have a stronger .mand of verbal language and begin speaking at an earlier age than babies who do not sign. Baby Fingers can enhance your child’s motivation to speak increasing IQ, improving vocabulary and literacy skills, decreasing frustration, refining motor coordination, and enhancing spatial reasoning skills. Watch as your baby or toddler discovers the world of language during Baby Fingers’ unique classes. For more information about Baby Fingers or their classes offered visit their website at MyBabyFingers. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: