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The sweep of the Baojun 310 no problem, the key is how much to sell – Sohu car price: 36 thousand and 800 yuan -4.98 yuan can buy index: 70% before the Baojun 310 listing, the known friends seem unusual attention to the car, and even some people in the know posting bet this top with less than 50 thousand yuan car can monthly sales of 5000 units sold. Are you interested in the Po Chun 310 reasons: everyone knows the mini car small car market is shrinking, but SAIC GM Wuling gave the market brought a "high price" boutique car. The final 310 can replicate similar Baojun Baojun 730 all market segments of the sales myth, let everyone see. For this car is popular, always like to guess the sales trend of the driving school said, we really do not dare to judge. In general, the reasons for judging a car sales trend is nothing more than four factors: price, product strength, market segments, the opponent’s trend. From the independent brand hatchback car market Baojun 310 place, less than 50 thousand yuan can buy top, the price advantage is obvious, but there are enough selling configuration also allows its products is high enough, the Baojun 310 is accounted for the upper hand. But some analysts believe that the market segments and competitor trend, although the POLO and fit hatchback car to over 10000, but that is a group of young second tier market recognition of the brand force based on the main objective for the three to five line city Baojun 310, this is not as reference. In fact, before driving hsupai had discussed the key entry-level car market shrinking in this market segment models generally too old, the listing of the latest Changan Benben is two years ago, because of this, regardless of the configuration space or the level of the product is not a surprise that consumers may not be models. Has the choice of a higher level models. From this point of view, Po Chun 310 as a listing of the new boutique car, with value price, high power, with a "affordable, affordable, play the real car for domestic users, which itself is a subversion of the 3-5 million market makers the existence of. Just 95 of 90, after the young consumers, what is important is that the brand power, meet the practical needs of consumers is more important, because there is no object reference before, we really can’t make a conclusion. But we can do is clear, evaluation of the Po Chun 310 and the key is whether the sustained and stable sales over 5000 vehicles. We refer to the data, only in the 3-5 million range of competitors, three car Geely is good sales, but this year sales of 4000 vehicles in -5000 vehicles, and similar Changan Yue Xiang, Chery Fengyun 2 that only about 3000 cars, you know this is the domestic consumers prefer three car models. But really want to count small hatchbacks, sales of the largest Changan Benben but also the monthly sales of 3000 cars, this year is three digits long in the Alto, even if it is a joint venture brand cheap small car, Yu Yan I相关的主题文章: