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Slimming errors should pay attention to diet, weight loss should not be reduced, nutrition, weight loss industry is vigorously carried out, but a lot of people do not understand the scientific weight loss, blindly do not eat, leading to a variety of nutrients deficiency, more prone to various diseases. Never sugar? If you don’t add sugar to a drink or a dish, the calories will go down Hard! Sugar is an indispensable condiment in the kitchen. Not to mention the sweets, drinks and ice cream, you don’t love Sweet and Sour Spare Ribs, goo? Meat or squirrel mandarin fish? You have to remember, like natural honey, in the final analysis, it’s a finishing sugar, absorbed by the body, as much as 4 calories per gram of calories released from regular sugars. In many less palatable healthy foods, sugar can also be used to flavor. So, you don’t have to do it too much. The advice of health experts is: as long as the amount of sugar intake is not more than 10% of the total calories, if you take 2000 calories per day, 200 calories from the sugar is ideal. You can use this delicious refreshing drink, made from a simple summerheat San goods grapefruit sorbet. Remember to add a little sugar. All saturated fats increase cholesterol in the blood? As mentioned earlier, the key to the cholesterol level in your blood is saturated and trans fats. Does this make you alert and say goodbye to these fats? In your traditional concept, only single fat and polyunsaturated fats are healthy fats (such as olive oil and walnuts), including many professionals who once thought that saturated fats are all bad fats. There are many kinds of saturated fats after experiments, and they also have different reactions after being ingested. Stearic acid as saturated fat, found in cocoa, dairy products, meat, poultry, palm oil and coconut oil, the saturated fat will not improve the harmful LDL (low density lipoprotein) cholesterol, but will increase the useful HDL (high density lipoprotein) cholesterol levels. The lack of glucose with each function activity of human flesh to eat, including brain, muscle contraction, even breathing and heartbeat, all cannot do without glucose to produce energy. Normally, the glucose in the blood is maintained at a relatively steady concentration. Glucose comes from carbohydrates in food. If the glucose absorbed in the body is not enough to cope with the consumption, fat and protein are used as energy sources for the body. The result is not just fat, but it also weakens the muscles that have been molded for a long time. Lack of fat weight, sterile fat is an indispensable part of the female body, can help women successfully complete the task of nurturing and nurturing children. Adipose tissue is the body’s energy reserves, it ensures that the next generation in embryo, lactation can have sufficient nutrition supply. In early puberty, estrogen in the female body began to transport and storage of fat, for the day after the next generation of breeding preparations. During this period, if women have insufficient diet or too much exercise, the body will give a warning by menopause to remind the owner of the body’s fat ratio is too low. At the same time, it’s darker.

瘦身误区要留神 节食减肥切忌减走营养   不少女性的减肥大业都在轰轰烈烈地进行,但不少人不懂科学减肥,一味不吃东西,导致各种营养素缺乏,更容易出现各种疾病。   永远别加糖?   喝的饮料、吃的菜里都不加糖热量就会降低?难!   糖是厨房里不可或缺的调料。且不说甜食、饮料和冰激凌,你不爱糖醋排骨、咕?肉或者松鼠鳜鱼吗?你可要记住了,像“天然”蜂蜜说到底也算得上精加工的糖,被身体吸收后,它和普通糖释放的热量一样,大约每克4卡路里。在许多不太可口的健康食品中,糖也可以用来调味。所以,不用太做得太过了。健康专家的建议是:只要摄取的糖分的热量不超过总热量的10%即可,如果你每天摄取2000大卡热量,有200大卡来自糖分即算比较理想。   你可以用这种美味提神的饮料,来自制一种简单的解暑圣品葡萄柚雪芭。记得加上一点糖。   所有的饱和脂肪都会提高血液里的胆固醇?   前面刚提到,影响你血液中胆固醇水平的关键是饱和和反式脂肪,这一下是不是让你开始警惕,决心和这几种脂肪说拜拜?在你的传统概念里,只有单一脂肪和多不饱和脂肪是健康脂肪(例如:橄榄油和核桃),包括许多专业人士都一度认为:饱和脂肪全是坏脂肪。   经过实验研究发现,饱和脂肪也有很多种,它们在被人体摄入之后也会有各种不同的反应。硬脂酸作为饱和脂肪,存在于可可、奶制品、肉类、家禽、棕榈油和椰子油中,这种饱和脂肪并不会提高有害的LDL(低密度脂蛋白)胆固醇,相反会增加有益的HDL(高密度脂蛋白)胆固醇的水平。   缺少葡萄糖等同割肉充饥   人的每一项功能活动,包括大脑的思维、肌肉的收缩、甚至呼吸和心跳,都离不开葡萄糖代谢产生的能量。正常情况下,血液中的葡萄糖总维持在一个相对稳定的浓度。   葡萄糖来自食物中的碳水化合物。如果体内吸收的葡萄糖不足以应付消耗,就把脂肪、蛋白质拿来作身体的能源。结果减掉的不只是肥肉,也大大削弱了长时间塑造起来的肌肉群。   缺少脂肪重则不育   脂肪是女性身体不可缺少的组成部分,能辅助女性成功地完成孕育和哺育儿女的重任。脂肪组织是人体的能源储备,它保证下一代在胚胎期、哺乳期都能有充分的营养供应。   早在青春期,女性体内的雌激素就已经开始加紧脂肪的运输和储藏,为日后孕育下一代做准备。在这一时期,如果女性饮食不足或运动量太大,身体就会用停经的方式发出警告,提醒主人身体内的脂肪比例太低。同时,它更暗示着卵巢发育和排卵周期已经出现问题,将会影响到受孕机会,也暗示身体可能正受到骨密度降低、骨质疏松、抵抗力低下等问题的威胁。   缺少蛋白质免疫力受损   身体的每一个细小的部分,从细胞到器官,几乎都有蛋白质来构成。如果食物中缺乏蛋白质,损伤修复、免疫反应、激素调节等过程都会受影响。以免疫反应为例,假若营养不良会造成免疫功能低下,表现在身体上,往往是抵抗力弱。   缺少微量元素多种疾病上身   维生素、铁、钙、碘等许多营养成分,虽然需求量小,却是不可缺少的。如果人体缺铁,就无法合成足够的血红蛋白,结果会导致贫血。假若缺钙,结果使人体的骨密度降低。   免责声明:本文系转载自网络,发布本文为传递更多信息之用,其原创性以及文中陈述文字和内容未经本站证实,对本文以及其中全部或者部分内容、文字的真实性、完整性、及时性本站不作任何保证或承诺,请读者仅作参考,并请自行核实相关内容。相关的主题文章: