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Arts-and-Entertainment Living Scriptures motto is "Teaching values has never been so easy". There is a lot of truth to that motto. Living Scriptures are more and more popular in the LDS book industry and among Mormon families. For those who are not entirely familiar with Living Scriptures, let us tell you what they are and the benefits of Living Scriptures DVD. Living Scriptures are videos that cover a broad range of gospel topics. Living Scriptures are videos of Old & New Testament videos, Book of Mormon Videos, hero classics, modern and ancient prophets, and church docudramas. The benefits to watching Living Scriptures is endless. Living Scriptures are great for all ages. Living Scriptures teaches values and life lesson while educating people about the gospel. Living Scriptures is brought to you by a very talented group of writers and artists including Orson Scott Card. Orson Scott Card is a very famous writer and he helps bring the Living Scriptures to life. Living Scriptures is a group of animated stores that everyone loves. Living Scriptures provides a great outlet into learning the gospel. Living Scriptures make a great tool for your families scripture study. A lot of people are very visual learners, especially when it .es to little kids. There is no better way to learn the scriptures then to read scripture stories, then pair it up with the Living Scriptures animated videos. Repetition not only helps solidify the story in their minds but it also helps the understanding and adds details to the story. Television is more and more polluted. Television is filled with garbage and material that is not suitable for children. Living Scriptures DVD’s are a great substitute for today’s television. Living Scriptures Videos are not only educational but they are very entertaining. Everyone who watches Living Scriptures loves them. Living Scriptures can be a great aid to help teach lessons. Family Night is very important to LDS families. If you are looking for a great family night activity, try watching a Living Scriptures Video. It is entertaining for the whole family and will leave your family feeling uplifted. Primary teachers also love Living Scriptures Video’s. Living Scriptures can also be used for Sunday school lessons. Sunday School does a lot of focusing on scripture stories and prophets. It would be very beneficial to show a Living Scripture video to your Sunday school class. Even though Living Scriptures DVD’s are most popular, Living Scriptures also has other products as well. Living Scriptures offers CD’s and activity books. Living Scriptures CD’s are great when driving in the car or when you do not have access to a TV. Also activity books are great to travel with as well. Living Scriptures activity books include coloring pages, games, and scripture lessons. They are great to bring to church to keep your children focused on learning the gospel. Living Scriptures are very popular among the LDS book industry. You can buy living scriptures at Deseret Book or from livingscriptures… They offer a wide variety of choices and payment plans to ensure that everyone can afford the benefits of Living Scriptures Videos. Get your Living Scriptures DVD’s today, and you will see what everyone is talking about! 3f8fc9ed602963f9087c4fef534efaed About the Author: 相关的主题文章: