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"Beautiful girl" is Huang Qishan? Eric Moo’s surprise return — entertainment channel, last week "the tin man" Andy Hui, "Fox" Daniel Chan and Zhang Bichen "empress" exposing the surface, this Sunday (October 2nd) at 20:30, a music video of the whole network independent broadcast the "masked sing guess" will usher in the "Cat Diary Hepburn", "at the sight of injustice roar sailor" and "my melon half your" three new Jin sang will fill the stage. At the same time, LETV mobile phone, super super TV will be full back, and the audience to witness the moment of surprise to the singer. Guess the jury were anxious to move for Eric Moo a surprise return "masked" in this episode, guess the jury will encounter unprecedented crisis. The program into the third period, according to the new play, sing if three consecutive games have not been guessed exposing the surface, guess guess jury evaluation failed, singer will go directly to the "masked sing guess" annual festival, which means the next program in the singing will no longer appear, only will now last period show. Cold days Van "Santa is not at home and the reindeer" alien "ear Afanda sister" in the former two programs have not been guessed, in this episode, guess the jury only one last chance to guess their identity, otherwise they will guess on failure to leave this stage. To this end, guess jury rushed reinforcements. Eric Moo has a leadership decision-making power in the first quarter "masked singer" in the "first," returned to the "masked" guess on seats, for a new challenge he guess on, confident: "impossible, because I come, I come, I come! Important words three times." "I guess she quit music!" Brother Qi Xian "pop out of the old stems, then by Wowkie Zhang taunt:" Eric Moo brother’s music is the hotel revolving door, there exit into the side." In the face of the people questioned, for the preservation of facial Eric Moo to prove their own talk, said last season has withdrawn from the India music scene, so routine angered the audience laugh. Wowkie Zhang is the ridicule: "in order to pop out so hard." Eric Moo guess whether the strength and confidence is generally high? He joined the team to help guess the mystery of the team will be able to unlock the true colors? The answer will be announced on the show. "Beautiful girl" suspected Huang Qishan Wowkie Zhang address him: "this is my mom, right?" This week, three new Jin sang will fill the stage, "Hepburn Cat Diary" and "at the sight of injustice roar sailor", "my melon half your" three mask name full of personality and very naughty, visible show cheerful tone. On the other, "Hepburn cat" will draw inspiration from Audrey Hepburn’s body; "Sailor Moon" will also restore cartoon lovely image of Tsukino Usagi; "melon" with "cool styling Robocop". "This is my mother right?" In the face of cute "sailor", Wowkie Zhang’s "bluster", provoked the audience laughter, "she is mama Huang, Huang mother special girl heart." The teacher seems to have encountered an acquaintance on the stage, the words poke her suspected Huang Qishan. Guess the group will "beautiful girl" point to Huang Qishan, but live in uniform相关的主题文章: