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Because of "anger" was hot so you are such as Xue Wanning and Jo Jo Jo Jo. The battle of wits Sina entertainment news by Wang Lei [micro-blog], Deng Jiajia [micro-blog] [micro-blog], Huo Zhengyan, Jo Jo starred in the legendary drama "poison pin anger before the hero" in Jiangsu, Shenzhen satellite tv. With the development of the story, Jo Jo played Xue Wanning has become the focus of attention of the audience. Love is the "magic" drove Xue Wanning to yuan and also all believe and forgive, it also let the audience as a "bystander" very anxious, have Tucao little twist so stupid, I look so angry!" On the night of the interactive micro interview, the actor Xue Wanning Jo Jo also groove audience responded: "don’t deceive you to say, just read the script, I do feel a little twist hypocritical, but then felt she was not so simple, small, moderate and strong with tolerance, in fact is very valuable." Said Jo Jo Xue Wanning as the play before and after the great span as it is not so easy, "Wan Xue Ning is a very complex, first from the initial simple love to experience the baptism of guoqiuguhen, her transformation is a moment, but she is growing along with the whole story of fermentation." The Xue Wanning growth need time to gradually transition in the transitional period for moderation and need to grasp the characters very solid performance skills to present, "degree" is the distortion, poor "degree" is false. For some netizens Tucao, Jo Jo himself smiled: "everyone’s Tucao I can understand, then it will have new discoveries in the future is and Yuan Yedou conspiracy." In addition, when asked about the role you want to challenge the next, ancient fine Jo Jo humorous said: "in fact, I’ve always wanted to play a bad to the ultimate villain, but the director who I have been cheated by the appearance of weak, always let me play the role of mild, but I the heart is a typical Northeast Female man."相关的主题文章: