Beijing police during the national day will comprehensively enhance the level of anti-terrorism-clazziquai

Police in Beijing during the national day will enhance the level of anti-terrorism on 30 September, Xinhua news agency, Beijing (reporter Lu Guoqiang) 30 reporter learned from the Beijing police, during the national day, Beijing police will enhance the level of anti-terrorism, start high-level prevention and control program, to ensure the safety of the capital. Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau official said, during the festival the police will be in accordance with the "people stare, to shut up, look at housing, take control of things, hold points, control" requirements, strict implementation of measures, the social aspects of the work of the implementation of the "one minute disposal measures. In view of the characteristics of the crowd during the holiday season, the police will strengthen the focus of the region, the bustling place data monitoring and analysis, timely detection, early disposal of adults and other abnormal flow, the initiative to prevent and control risks. At the same time, during the festival Beijing police will start when the partition level of prevention and control programs, around the central area of the capital city, the downtown district, tourist attractions and warning of the "three high" area, relying on the patrol police station, video monitoring, external check control mechanism, strengthen the patrol prevention and control, prevention and treatment, armed deterrent, improve see alarm rate and charge the rate of. For robbery and theft, pickpocketing and other bag during the festival is prone to crime against property, and the influence of holiday order black black tour guide, illegal tour and other outstanding issues, the police will continue to increase remediation efforts to combat. According to statistics, during the festival, Beijing will hold 25 sessions in 110 large-scale activities. Previously, Beijing police in conjunction with the relevant departments, around the central area of the capital, the key basic facilities, transportation hubs, crowded places and more than 200 key scenic park, continue to carry out hazard investigation and remediation, inspection unit, since September a total of 71.7 places (Department), 10000 found hidden rectification problem of more than 3900 pieces. In addition, the police will be combined with slow blocking special work, continue to promote traffic chaos and order remediation, increase road law enforcement, to further increase the highway, country road, city tourism line patrol and control efforts, to ensure the safety and smooth trip. Editor: the flourishing SN123相关的主题文章: