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Beijing Shunyi: 20 thousand new energy vehicles in line — Society — original title: Shunyi: 20 thousand new energy vehicles in line Shunyi District learned from a reporter yesterday, the first half of 2016, Shunyi District’s GDP was 71 billion 530 million yuan, an increase of 7.9% in constant. Completion of the general public budget revenue 8 billion 680 million yuan, an increase of 19.2%, has completed the annual plan of 64.4%. Shunyi District will continue to consolidate the advantages of the automotive industry, and strive to complete this year, 20 thousand new energy vehicles off the assembly line. Shunyi, as an important node in the development zone of Beijing, is the core of the international aviation hub of the capital, but also the Northeast China Unicom deputy center of the place. Shunyi District vice mayor Zhang Aidong introduction, in recent years, Shunyi in the automotive and aerospace two billion industry clusters driven by the rapid development of economy. At present, Shunyi as the capital of modern manufacturing base, has formed a variety of automotive manufacturing, electronic communications, aviation, equipment manufacturing and urban industry and other industrial structure. From the regional perspective, in 2015 the total output of 1 million 109 thousand cars in Shunyi District, automobile manufacturing output value of 169 billion 830 million yuan. This year, the production of 571 thousand cars, an increase of 4.4%. "The next step, we will actively foster new advantages of the automobile industry, grasp the Beiqi 150 thousand new energy vehicles layout in our region, and strive to 20 thousand years to complete the new energy vehicles off the assembly line, to further consolidate the pillars of the status of automobile industry." Vice mayor Zhang Aidong said. In addition, Shunyi District is actively fostering strategic emerging industry clusters, promoting innovation of science and technology industry function area and rich electric energy technology, electric music travel companies such as cooperation, together to create "smart car eco industry demonstration base". With the base officially settled, Beiqi new energy production line officially put into operation, Shunyi will become the production base of new energy vehicles, the city’s largest. The aviation industry is forming the industrial cluster and the high-end industrial system, which is based on the air transport and the aviation related industries. At the same time, the financial industry has become the third pillar industry after automobile and aviation industry. The second half of this year, Shunyi District will start the financial leasing airport corridor? Gathering area, houshayu financial business district and the Ma Po City three key financial industry gathering area planning and construction, and further optimize the development environment of financial industry. (reporter Jia Ting) (MA may commissioning editor (Intern), Zhang Yu)相关的主题文章: