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Beijing – VIDEO – "New Silk Road" was observed the anniversary celebration of parliamentarians promote Kyrgyzstan friendly play a greater role [comment] November 11th evening, Kyrgyzstan "New Silk Road" was published a newspaper held anniversary celebration. 10 members from the National Council of Kyrgyzstan said, "New Silk Road" observation report, website and social media published a year, to promote Kyrgyzstan, to promote friendly relations between China and Kyrgyzstan China, played an important role, I hope in the future to do more good. The same period [] (Kyrgyzstan congressman al de Hapu Nuerbayefu in the newspaper?) you can see a lot of information, strengthen bilateral friendly relations, promote cultural and economic exchanges. Your newspapers help better communication between the two countries. I wish the newspaper circulation to a higher level. [interpretation] more than 150 guests attended the celebration of the day. In addition to the above members of the state, as well as representatives from the Kyrgyzstan government, the Ministry of finance, the Ministry of culture and tourism, and the media industry. In addition, the mayor of Bishkek appointed the first deputy mayor to participate in activities. China Embassy in Kyrgyzstan, the Chinese funded enterprises, Confucius college and community leaders also sent representatives to attend the celebration. The same period [] (Kapal news agency Kobita Abba G Jef Cuban?) the new observation is unique in the silk road connecting the bridge and Kyrgyzstan people, even the people of Central Asia and Chinese bridge, this paper covers the China, Central Asia including Kyrgyzstan, Kyrgyzstan’s economy is very important and cultural exchanges, cooperation and development, "the Silk Road [comment] the new observation" newspaper in Kyrgyzstan is the only one by the Kyrgyz, Russian, Chinese three text published weekly, "the new observation" Silk Road has become the largest all over the country, the issue of the Kyrgyzstan weekly, normal circulation reached 17 thousand copies a week or more, during major events, will expand the printing quantity. The same period [] (observer editor of the new Silk Road in Ireland? Thad bekov) observed a total of 16 version of the new Silk Road, issued every Wednesday, the newspaper to promote the exchange of the two countries social culture, deepen mutual understanding between the two peoples as a strategic goal. The same service along the Silk Road Economic Belt surrounding the country. [comment] in addition to weekly, "the new observation" Silk Road has become a new media matrix Multimedia Central Asia thriving, multimedia forms including WeChat website, subscription number, the basic coverage of the different ages, different social classes of readers. Reporter Rong Rui Zhang Ge Kyrgyzstan reported相关的主题文章: